Whole wheat roll with roasted turkey, leek and red currant

Whole wheat rolls with roasted turkey, leek & red currant

I’m a lousy blogger..and I feel sorry that this lovely project is made now, not 5-6 years ago when I blogged regularly.
It is so easy to stop, to put yourself on a hold..and infinitely difficult to start again.
I actually made a dish for Senegal, a Thiou from beef that was a great success, but I left the remaining outside during the night, and the next day I only found the vegetables…my cats had made a feast during the night eating all the meat!!
What will remain a mystery is how they managed to push aside the heavy glass lid (without breaking it), eat the meat (leaving ONLY the vegetables) and put back the lid again!
cast iron

I have been in Canada twice, once 12h in Toronto to meet a shoe importer, in the early 90’s and once in Newfoundland, for a silly stop over, for refueling, going from Milan to Habana. It was in October 1984, and me and my friend flew with Romanian Airlines(vey very low cost!!). This was still during the cold war, so the airline being Romanian, couldn’t stop on US soil for refueling, so we had to fly over Canada…can you imagine? The flight was like a never-ending-story….
The ABC Culinary tour is making a stop over in Canada until the 18Jan 2015, and we are hosted by Elena from Zibaldone Culinario.

This recipe comes from a very interesting book:
Il giro del mondo in 80 spuntini
ed. Il viaggiatore

Whole wheat roll with roasted turkey, leek and red currant

Whole wheat rolls with roasted turkey, leek & red currant

You need:
Roasted Turkey
(left over from Christmas was perfect :D, but what’s important is that you roast the turkey with a mixture of maple syrup and soy sauce)
1 leek
red currant jelly
crêpes (mine was made with whole wheat flour, 1 egg and soy milk)

Bake the crêpes, 15cm (thinner then mine is much better). Put aside.
Roast the turkey and when ready cut a piece in tiny thin stripes. Put aside.
Blanch the leek cut in tiny thin stripes, for a couple of minutes. Put aside.

Cut each crêpe in two, spread some red current, than add turkey and leek stripes.
Roll together and if you have chives (mine looked very sad so I left it where it was :D), use it to tie your rolls.
This isn’t necessary but the rolls looks nicer. 🙂

Serve immediately.

Whole wheat rolls with roasted turkey, leek & red currant




2 thoughts on “Whole wheat roll with roasted turkey, leek and red currant

  1. elena

    rotolini deliziosi…. uno spuntino eccezionale! Grazie per aver partecipato!
    mi sto immaginando i gatti che mangiano la carne senegalese e ricoprono con il coperchio le verdure…ahahahah! un bacione!

    1. brii Post author

      Elenaaaaa….sai che sono ancora qui che ci penso!! ahahahaha
      Ho anche dei biscotti canadesi per te, mi manca ancora qualche nozione e poi posso scrivere il post.
      Baciusss amica mia!


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