Red onion and Cranberry marmalade – WHB #322 (en)

In the last few days the temperature has gone from -4°C to 16°C!!
The other day we even had lunch outside. It was beautiful!

Nature is so amazing and in this period you realize how strong it is.
I was absolute sure that I would have lost some of my plants this cold winter,
but both my elderberry cuttings are ok, already bursting with new leaves!
elderberry (sambucus nigra)

elderberry (sambucus nigra)

The Lemon and Kumquat plants left outside are dry but still alive.

I love watching hyacinthus, narcisuss and tulips growing, slowly a little more each day.




But before returning back working outside, I would like to share this simply, colorful, tasty and easy recipe.
This marmalade is perfect with Fontina Valdostana cheese or sautè beef.
I haven’t had the chance to try it with anything else, because it is already finished. 🙂
It comes from a recently discovered blog “Simply Easy Snacks”

Red onion and Cranberry Marmalade

Onion & Cranberry Marmalade

You need:
2 red onions
100gr of dried Cranberries
100gr of sugar
1 tbsp of mustard seeds (brown)
red wine q.b.
extra vergin olive oil

Onion & Cranberry Marmalade

Chop the two red onions.
Heat a small amount of oil in the pot. Add the onions. As the onions are cooking, cover the onions with red wine.
Add the cranberries, the mustard seeds and the sugar
Gently bring to the boil and leave it to simmer.
Cook until the fruit is soft, and the marmalade has thickened.
I let it caramelize a little.

Onion & Cranberry Marmalade

This is my recipe for the WHB this week hosted
by Fragoliva.

wish to thank  Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen                                                                           and Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                       Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing the  the Italian version of WHB!

6 thoughts on “Red onion and Cranberry marmalade – WHB #322 (en)

  1. astrofiammante

    questa mi piace molto e me la assaporo già con del buon formaggio semi-stagionato, i cranberries li ho quindi basta rifornirmi di una cipolla rossa, la cipolla credo potrebbe attirare anche quella metà che con le marmellate fa sempre l’indifferente it break balls ciauzzzzzz

    1. brii Post author

      hahahaha Martissima…nooo povero Albertoooo…se sapesse cosa tramacciamo dietro le sue spalle.
      Si dai prova
      , e poi mi dici.
      perché in fondo io non faccio molto testo..più strane sono, più mi piacciono!!
      eiiii sei pronta per Bozen??? jaaaaa??? Non mi lasci mia da sola ne?

  2. astrofiammante

    no no non ti lascio da sola…..ho già in mente cosa fare……non ti preoccupare non tramaccio dietro le spalle, a lui lo dico in italiano ^___^

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