A photo for Susan

Since I trek  on Monte Baldo and Garda Lake I have discovered many small, old and abandoned churches.
Some are almost destroyed, falling a part with no one that cares, or
Some are private and kept with love and care.
Most are opened just once a year, when a special occasion is to
be celebrated.


This is San Siro, in Crer (Torri del Benaco).
It is private, made by Francesco Consolini in 1713
as a vote because his family escaped the pest.
san siro a Crer (torri)
The bell tower was built in 1881.

San Siro a Crer (torri)

In 1905 there was an earthquake, that damaged a part of the church
so the little community repaired it, making it a little bigger.
Inside, in the old part there is a vault painted sky blue with stars.
It is beautiful.

As a thought for persons I care, I have the habit to lit a little

The candle is for Susan, letting her know we are thinking of her.

for susan

4 thoughts on “A photo for Susan

  1. Astrid

    I am thinking of Susan too. Sending prayers and hoping she will recover soon!
    I made a Flickr group to collect BWW pics while she is away – for her to go and browse when she is back. Would you help me spread the word? Details are on my BWW post today. 🙂

  2. Simona

    This reminds me of a small church in my father’s village. I hav never seen it open. It is dedicated to San Silvestro and it is opened only on December 31. I have tried to look inside many times but to this day I have no idea what’s in it. Very nice photos.

    1. brii Post author

      Oh, what a pity Simona! 😦
      I still miss some here, because I forget the date and have to wait till next year.
      But it is important to have patience, some churches has been there for 500years, it doesn’t matter another year or two.
      Have a nice Sunday


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