European Community Culinary ABC

Translation by courtesy of Simona from Briciole

As Italian singer and songwriter Francesco De Gregori would say “at the end of a journey there is always a new journey to start”, so after our past travel throughout Italy –  from Aosta to Zocca, via Domodossola, down to Napoli and then further down to Siracusa and then back to Trieste –  we are not at all tired, but rather, we feel like packing our virtual suitcase again and pick up our real ladle.

That’s right, in the new year, the ABC will take us through the Europe of the European Community, which is made up of 27 nations, or 26 + 1, i.e., a nation for each letter of the alphabet plus Italy, widely represented by the Italian Culinary ABC that just ended. And if you still do not believe it, here is the map!

Since we like company, and last year experience confirmed that the trip was less tiring thanks to it, a different blog will host each letter, but there are also some other novelties so here are the rules :
  • Each letter is associated with a traditional dish of a country of the European Community;
  • Each letter is hosted by a different blog;
  • The guest blog publishes the recipe corresponding to the letter;
  • Other blogs who wish to travel with us will publish a recipe – other than that of the host blog! – chosen from the traditional dishes of the nation hosted.

If you wish to participate, remember the 4W rule:

  • WHEN: letter and nation will change every 3 weeks;
  • WHAT: you can publish any recipe (or more than one recipe) of the nation represented by that letter (the recipe itself can start with any letter!), except the recipe published by the hosting blog;
  • WHERE: publish the recipe on your blog, then leave a comment to the hosting blog with a link to your own post;
  • WHO: anyone with a blog can take part, the more the merrier.  It would be great to travel to as many of the different nations together, but you can also participate for just one letter, or every other one, or even just the odd month!

It is still unclear? Here’s an example:

On January 7, Mony of Gata da Plar will begin our journey by hosting the letter A with the recipe Appeltart, representing the Netherlands. There will then be 3 weeks to publish any recipe from the Netherlands that is not the Appeltart. Once published, you will leave the link to your post in a comment to Mony’s original post. Your post must include a reference to the event and the host blog, while use of the event logo is optional (though appreciated). You can use a recipe from your archive: add to it the links to the event and then proceed as just described (see, as an example, how I did this in my first post for the event).

Well, now everything should be reasonably clear, so you are ready for the list of the letters, recipes, nations, and hosting blogs.

  • A like Appeltart
    • Country: Netherlands
    • Hosting blogGata da plar
    • Time span: January 7-27, 2013
  • B like Bryndzové halušky
    • Country: Slovakia
    • Hosting blogCrumpets & Co.
    • Time span: January 28-February 17, 2013
  • C like Canja
    • Country: Portugal
    • Hosting blogLa melagranata
    • Time span: February 18-March 10, 2013
  • D like Drob
  • E like Escargot
  • F like Frikadeller
  • G like Gulash
    • Country: Hungary
    • Hosting blogCindystar
    • Time span: May 13-June 2, 2013
  • H like Hong am Rèisleck
    • Country: Luxembourg
    • Hosting bloggirlichef
    • Time span: June 3-23, 2013
  • I like Irish stew
    • Country: Ireland
    • Hosting blogThe dreaming seed
    • Time span: June 24-July 14, 2013
  • J like Jacket potatoes
    • Country: UK
    • Hosting blogFood 4 thought
    • Time span: July 15-August 4, 2013
  • K like Kalakukko
  • L like Laxpudding
  • M like Moussaka
  • N like Njoki
    • Country: Slovenia
    • Hosting blogTutto a occhio
    • Time span: October 7-27, 2013
  • O like Orsotto
    • Country: Estonia
    • Hosting blogCafe Lynnylu
    • Time span: October  28-November 17, 2013
  • P like Paella
    • Country: Spain
    • Hosting blogBurro e Zucchero
    • Time span: November 18-December 8, 2013
  • Q like Quarkkäulchen
    • Country: Germany
    • Hosting blogBriciole
    • Time span: December 9-29, 2013
  • R like Ross Fil-Forno
  • S like Sachertorte
    • Country: Austria
    • Hosting blogTorte e dintorni
    • Time span: January 20-February 9, 2014
  • T like Trdlo
    • Country: Czech Republic
    • Hosting blogRicette di cultura
    • Time span: February 10-March 2, 2014
  • U like Undens Klinger
    • Country: Latvia
    • Hosting blogBriggis’home
    • Time span: March 03-23, 2014
  • V like Vedarai
    • Country: Lithuania
    • Hosting blogMestolando
    • Time span: March 24-April 13, 2014
  • W like Waterzooi
  • X like Xirotigani
  • Y like Yahni
    • Country: Bulgaria
    • Hosting blogNastro di Raso
    • Time span: May 26-June 15, 2014
  • Z like Żurek
    • Country: Poland
    • Hosting blogCucina Precaria
    • Time span: June 16-July 6, 2014

No one stands to win anything but many smiles … and if you like our smiles, follow us on Facebook


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