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Lemon marmalade with mint – Marmellata di Limoni e menta – WHB #390

Lemon marmalade with mint - Marmellata di Limoni e menta

I have always loved Sundays. When my beloved mother-in-law still was alive, we used to have Brunch together at her place every Sunday.
We sat around the table for hours talking about all that has happened during the week. Everything was done slowly (my mother-in-law hated rush) and peaceful.
Perhaps this is what I miss most on Sundays.
Now things have changed, I’m mostly on some walk on Sundays, Sofi often works, Gokki stays in Milan studying, Erik sleeps all day, Niki have breakfast for hours with his friends and Flo works in the garden.
Today I found my self completely alone and didn’t mind it at all.
I’ve been reading, sleeping, dreaming and just sitting enjoying the aloneness.
From the terrace I can see boats coming and leaving on the lake, I can hear the traffic on the road to Bardolino and music and people laughing in the distance.
Andromeda sailing
I would have preferred a little more silence but for that you have to leave the civilization and move further up Monte Baldo.
val di sogno - monte baldo above

I always used to make Lemon Marmalade with sugar, but now that I don’t use sugar anymore I tried to make one without.
Of course it came out more bitter, probably if you ad more malt it will come out sweeter, but I didn’t want it to sweet.
I like the bitterness together with whole rye bread or as filling in a shortbread (made with maize oil not butter)
The mint flavor is not strong, just a hunch of flavor.
This marmalade remains of course more liquid as sugar thicken, makes marmalade more solid.

Lemon marmalade with mint – Marmellata di Limoni e menta

Lemon marmalade with mint - Marmellata di Limoni e menta

500gr of lemons cut in tiny slices (quarter of slices)
100ml rice malt
30gr of fresh mint leaves

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix and leave to rest over the night in a cool place.
The next day you want find much syrup, so add 1 cup of water.
Pour all in a pot and put to cook a gently fire for about one hour.
Now and then mix gently.
When the peel are soft, skip the mint leaves and pour in clean jars, close lids and put up-side-down to cool.
Being without sugar I’m not sure how long it conserves. So, I suggest to finish it in about 6months.
Open jars should be stored in the fridge.

Lemon marmalade with mint - Marmellata di Limoni e menta

Vi serve
500gr di limoni tagliati in fette sottili (quarti)
100ml malto di riso
30gr di foglie di menta fresche

Mettere tutti gli ingredienti in una ciotola, mescolare e lasciare marinare una notte al fresco.
Il giorno dopo aggiungere un bicchiere di acqua (non essendoci lo zucchero non fa molto sciroppo) versare tutto in una pentola e mettere sul fuoco.
Cuocere un’ora a fuoco dolce o finché le bucce sono morbide. Mescolare ogni tanto.
Quando le bucce sono morbide, scartare le foglie di menta (più possibile) e versare in vasetti puliti e sterilizzati.
Chiudere il coperchio e lasciare raffreddare a testa in giù.
Non avendo zucchero non so per quanto si conservi. Credo non più di 6mesi.
Una volta aperti i vasetti conservare in frigo.
Ottimissima con pane nero o integrale o come ripieno per una frolla (all’olio).
Ovvio non è dolce, anche la menta rende il retrogusto amaro. Ma noi è piaciuto.
Insomma una marmellata per amanti del limone. 🙂

Lemon marmalade with mint - Marmellata di Limoni e menta

This goes to  Simona di Briciole,

Thanks to, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen for this lovely idea and
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once for managing successfully this event.
And also for giving me the opportunity to manage the Italian Version of WHB.