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French Orange-Honey Compote – WHB #317

It has been a very foggy and cold week.
I should do my “homework”, that means studying paths, itineraries,
distances, interesting things to visit, pick photos, make translations…
But I’m not really in the mood yet.
It is so nice just to dream about it and I don’t feel
ready to put anything on paper.
I work with a very lovely and interesting group of people,
they are all hotel owners and part of the group of people
sending me tourists during the summer.
Actually we are more like friends than Chief & Employees.
Last Thursday we started tracking my new itineraries for next season.
The weather was foggy and cold,
incredible there where no wind in Torbole!!
I think that was the first time
I ever experienced Torbole without wind..
Torbole -one of the worlds most popular places for windsurf!!

We started with Nago.
Few people know Nago, and that is a pity.
I do hope to change this and bring a lot of tourists to visit
Nago and surroundings.
Here you se them reading and learning 😀

reading, learning

This is Castèl Penede above Nago, I haven’t found anything
about this Castle but Paola (the girl in the photo) is helping me searching for information.

Castèl Penede

And this is the view of Torbole and the end/beginning of the lake
coming down from Nago.
View from Nago of the lake Torbole & Monte brione

As we do the other 7 itineraries I will show you them, and perhaps you would like to come visit 🙂

Yesterday my idea was to make a Cauliflower pesto for the WHB
but as usual before starting a recipe I check with google.
And google told that a Cauliflower Pesto had already been made.
One of many versions was made by me. 😀
Cauliflower pesto

So I had to find something else…
like this..

French Orange-Honey Compote
French Orange-Honey Compote

from the book
ed. Gribaudo

you need:
10 oranges – bio*
250g of green apples (more or less 2 apples)
500g of sugar
300g of Acacia Honey (I used Linden tree honey)**
100 ml of vinegar of white vine
4 grains of juniper (Juniperus communis)
1 cinnamon stick
40 g of maize starch (optional)

In a pot boil the vinegar with the species, till half.
Skip the cinnamon stick and the Juniper grains and add first honey and when that is melted all the sugar.
Whisk while cooking so it doesn’t burn.
Core the apples and cut in tiny slices (leave the peels)
Put the slices in the sirup.
Grate the peel of the oranges, peel and core them.
Cut in tiny pieces, being careful to keep also the juice.
Put the pieces and pour the orange juice in the pot together
with the apples.
Cook slowly for an hour.
Now, you can either leave the compote with pieces as I did
or blend it all with an immersion blender.

Pour in clean glasses, close lids and turn up-side-down
to coolen.
Store in a dark, cool and dry place.
Let rest for 20 days before serving.

French Orange-Honey Compote

* if you don’t find bio oranges, scrub the skin very carefully before using.
** Acacia Honey perhaps is better because it has a neutral taste.
My linden tree honey gave the compote a little bitter aftertaste.
We don’t mind, because it is very sweet anyway and the bitterness
is very faint.

If you want a more solid compote you can add the starch,
I suggest you do it before serving.
This compote is good both served cold as warm, yesterday we tried it
warm with cold smoked pig meat. Very nice!!!
The book suggests to try it with boiled or smoked fish, boiled meat, wild meat and some typical Bretagne dishes.

I leave you with the sunset yesterday, it was very nice!
palm in the sunset 21 jan 2012

This is my entry for this week’s WHB hosted by my dear friend Simona –Briciole  Thank you for hosting!                                                                                                                              😀

I wish to thank  Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen                                                                           and Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                       Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing the  the Italian version of WHB!        😀