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Le Cà (en)

One of the most beautiful places on this side of the Garda lake is perhaps the little hamlet of Le Cà.
It contends the first place with Campo of course, couldn’t choose between them even if I had too. 🙂

looking at the lake from a bench

le Cà

There are serval tracks to get there, I love the one going up from Castelletto,but this is also the most steep one.

1) You start in Castelletto (ca 70 M.A.S.L to ca 700 M.A.S.L.) then you just follow the old mule track (Cai n°655) and you will arrive to Le Cà.

Castelletto - Le Cà - Castelletto

arrivo alle CÃ

If you continue you will end up in Creste di Naole on Monte Baldo, 1659 M.A.S.L.

creste di naole

2) Or, you can start in Prada Bassa, and pass by the little church of San Bartolomeo and follow one of the two tracks starting there.
(leave your car in the parking space, 200mt before reaching the church)

the view from san bartolomeo

One starts at your right just beneath the church, this track is all in a beautiful chestnut woods, just pay attention when you are at the end of the track, turn left downwards (if you turn right you will go to Prada Alta), and follow the track down to Le Cà (c 4km). Here the signs are painted on stones or trees.
Colored red/white or red/yellow

The other track starts a little further down to the left (follow the signs) beneath the church, also here are signs that shows you the track to take.
(the one above turned to the right)
These signs have been putted up by the Comune di San Zeno di Montagna


It is 1km of rather steep stony track, so pay attention when the weather is humid or rainy. Cross the dirt patch in the end and follow the stony track down to Le Cà.


or turn right instead of crossing the dirt patch and follow it to the next cross road some 500mt ahead.

cross road (cervi - le cà- tombarole - San bartolomeo -

Turn left and follow the concrete road down to La Cà.
You will find signs like these, putted up by the Comune di Brenzone

signs le cà

You will find Le Cà beneath you
track to le Cà

3) But if you would like to get to Le Cà in a very easy and quick way. I suggest you start in Tenuta Cervi – San Zeno di Montagna.
If you arrive from Malcesine – Castelletto – Biaza – Villanova, pay attention after Borno. Look for the sign “Ponte del Diavolo – Tenuta Cervi” on your left.
If you come from Garda – Torri – Costermano, you will find the same sign after Cà Laguna on your right.

Follow the narrow road in the woods, over the “Ponte del Diavolo” (Devil’s bridge) and park near Tenuta Cervi.

From here you take the road “Via nei Monti”, you will have more ore less this view all the way 🙂

view of the lake from loc. Monti

Just follow the dirt patch for little more then 2km and you will arrive to a crossroad (the same as described above)

cross road (cervi - le cà- tombarole - San bartolomeo -
Take the path to your left, that will take you directly to Le Cà. When the weather is humid or rainy, pay attention to the slippery and sometimes frozen stones.
track to le cà

Take the same way back. It will be less then 6km all together.
You can see other photos in these albums Le Cà 2011, Cervi – Le Cà, Castelletto – Le cà