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Pink Saturday -some pink in the garden – Hydrangea Macrophylla

sooooo, it is pink saturday again! before leaving check-out other pink bloggers at
(I’m still laughing!)
(she has four kids like me!!)
hydrangea macrophylla1
I just adore the Hortensia (hydrangea all spices)
I have to grow them in pots, because our pound is not acid enough, 
our’s is very calcareous
this particular Hydrangea Macrophylla was sent to me in cuttings 
from a very dear friend
Aitina, who lives on Ischia (one of Italy’s most beautiful islands!)
You can immagine my happiness when two of the 9 cuttings took root!
now it is 3 years and in this moment it is bloooming.
I used some “flowers”
(the flowers are not these colouredfull bracts, 
but those small insignificant white ones in the center)
to make some table decorations.
Hydrangea  - Ortensia - Hortensia
why not but the colouredfull bracts around a little teacandle? 
before placing them, put them in water for a couple of minutes.
they will last all the evening. fresh and beautiful
hydrangea and candle
in the evening it will look like this
in the dark
our put all the composition on a small square mirror.
the effect is very very nice.
hydrangea in the mirror
why not put some “flowers” in a small white ceramic mug.
you can put one near every guest
looks sweet doesn’t it 🙂
or place also the small jug on a square mirror.. looks different doesn’t it.
hydrangea in the mirror