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Chilled Bell pepper soup with basil (en)

Red bell pepper soup with basil - zuppa fredda di peperoni e basilico
We have a very unstable summer weather…it is raining most every day and walking gets difficult.
So when we see a ray of sunshine, blue sky hiding behind white clouds or a break in the grey cloudy sky..we take off!
I did a walk around San Zeno di Montagna the other day, wonderful panoramas as always.
Wow, what a love that place!


Chilled Bell Pepper soup with basil
This recipe comes from my dear friend’s blog La cucina della Capra (The little goat’s kitchen)

Red bell pepper soup with basil - zuppa fredda di peperoni e basilico

you need:

2 bell peppers
1 red onion
2 mature tomatoes
fresh basil leaves
apple vinegar or white wine vinegar q.b.
extra virgin olive oil..from the Garda lake or it’s beautiful Drumlin hills behind 😀

Clean, peel, and cut the vegetable in pieces and slices and the simply blend until smooth.
Absolutely delicious!!!!
(and soo fast too! :D)

This is my entry to WHB hosted by myself this week.
Thanks to, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen for this lovely idea and
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once for managing successfully this event.
And also for giving me the opportunity to manage the Italian Version of WHB

Grazie a, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen che ha avuto questa bellissima idea ed a
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once che ora organizza l’edizione Inglese e
che mi ha dato l’opportunità di organizzare l’edizione del WHB in Italiano.