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Mole Poblano de Guajolote

I went to México in November 2001.
It was beautiful, incredibile, magic
A wonderful vacation, that started in a disaster but had a happy ending!

beacuse I exchanged some passport and my older son wasn’t permitted to
board the airplane!
was it my fault my husband travelled so often he had TWO passports??
was it my fault I was the supervior of all documents??
was it my fault that we boarded the airplane last of all, the rest of the 259 passsengers all seated??
yes it was! :))
ok it is a funny story, I even laugh when I think of it..but at the time I was rather desperate.

I left with three kids, flo remained in Milano with the older kid. 😦
he said “don’t worry we will catch up with you”
eh??? how????

our floght left with 1 and a half hour of delay, everybody on the plane was furiose
but when the saw us coming in , my in crying like a sheep (or was it cow??)
nobody said a word, probobly thing someting very bad had happen
(well, leaving husband and son behind you is defenitive bad enough!!!)

arriving in Cancun, our guide (who already know the situation) said he couldn’t accompagnion us to our hotel..he had the other 259 to escort to hotels in Playa del Carmen.
so he, called me a cab and asked me..”can you handle it alone?”
suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, after 15hours of crying, feeling like a complately failure, I was prepared for everything!!!

we were booked at the Barcelòr maya Riviera.

good place, very very near Tulum.

no problem, everybody knew we missed some persons, everybody where very very comprehensive

I cried myself to sleep…..
…and the next day Flo and Erik arrived on two white horses..:)))
nooooo, on a huge Ford :))
flo simply bought two new tickets to Cancun,
rent a car and drove down to us!
happy ending:)))

we visit Tulin, which was incredible..beautiful,
I left a piece of my heart there
and also Chitzen Itza..
were we really were overhelmed with the magnificence.

it is three days I’m searching the photos.
will add them when I find them!
you come back and visit 🙂

yes!! finally the recipe!!

I must apologize for the photos,
but the dinner ended with good Mèxican Tequila


this is three of my kids querrelling over the Tequila :)))

kids with tequila

Mole Poblano de Guajolote


this takes time to prepare, but I assure you it’s worth it!
and it has cocoa as one of the ingredients!!

you need:
1 piece of turkey (mine was a little over 2kg)

for the sauce:
2 tablespoons of corn oil
2 green bell peppers,
2 small green peppers( not spicy)
1 red chili pepper,(make 3 of them)
1 onion
600 gr. peeled tomatoes,
3 cloves garlic
150 gr. almonds
80 gr. peanut
4 cloves
few grains of black pepper
1 teaspoon coriander
1 piece of cinnamon
1 teaspoon anise seeds,
60 gr. raisins
60 gr. unsweetened cocoa,
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
a tortilla media (I used grissini, I’m in Italy or not:))))
turkey broth or other meat broth
(I used vegetable stock cube)
vinegar, salt.

clean the turkey and rubb with this marinade:

extravergine olive oil,
toastes sesame seeds and allmond slices
white vine
let marinate for a couple of hours
then put in oven 200° for aprox 2 hours.
(pour the marinate over the turkey)

prepare the Mole Poblano sauce:
toste the peppers (bell peppers, green peppers and chili peppers)
rub of the skin and let rest in hot water for 12hours
then drain and mix with a blender

in a pan, gralic and chopped onion,
let fry in little oil and the add the peeled tomatoes, and the cooca
let cook for 5min.

toast the tortillia (or the crumbled grissinis) pour in the blender together with the tomatoe suace and the mix with the peppers
in a pan toast:
the nuts,
half of the sesam seeds,
the cloves,
the black pepper,
anise seeds
add to the blender. mix
add the raisins. mix
not to smooth,
it is perfect to feel the nuts and the rasins.
gets very “crunchy”

now, all this you pour in your pan, add some vinegar and sugar
and you let it cook slowly for 30-40min.
let rest for two hours.
pour this sauce over the turkey and cook for another 1omin.

in the meanwhile
toast the rest of the sesame seeds and before serving season the dish.

if possible, leave a little sauce aside.
it is delciuos the next day with boiled black beans 😉


This goes to Lucia hosting us and Mèxico until Monday 2 March.