MLLA #67 the round up (en)

It has been a pleasure hosting MLLA this month, this is event I’m very found of even if I’m not that active participating. I like to follow though, and many times I take inspiration of the recipes when I’m in the mood of doing legumes.
And that is rather often as my youngest daughter is vegetarian since 6 years.
It was difficult in the beginning so the MLLA event has been a great help for me during the years.

So thank you all for your lovely entries and I hope you will enjoy them as I did. (I have learned a lot!!)

Lisa from Lisa’s Kitchen can’t wait for the sun to come back so she can put here sandals back on. So, while she is impatiently waiting she cooks a worm, comforting Thai-Inspired Sweet Potato Kidney Bean soup



Janet from the Taste Space stays in Texas and doesn’t have problems with cold weather I presume and even if, her spicy, hot and chocolated
Holy Moly Veggie and Rice Soup would make her heat up at once. 😀

moley janet


Claire from Chez Cayenne is also bringing us a comfort dish to do while the weather is cold. You would need about 4 hours to cook this beans but I do think it is worth it!
Vegan Baked Beans

bakedbeans400 Claire


Linzi from Lancashire Food is using the slow cooker to make her potage, I love the word potage..sounds so smooth, healthy and delicious, don’t you think.
Of course you can make this lovely potage on the hob too, or if you prefer in the pressure cooker (what do you think Janet? :D)
Lentil and Vegetable potage in the slow cooker

soup1 linzi


Shaheen from A2K – A Seasonal Veg table, was once growing her own organic vegetables and cooked delicious food with it, like this pot. Shaheen used canned beans and in a little more than 30min your chili is ready, of course if you use dried, overnight soaked beans you will need a little more time.
Vegetable Chilli Pot.

Veg Chilli pot shaheen


Suja from Suja’s Kitchen makes a Pindi Chole (Dry version of Punjabi Chole). I have never heard about Chole before, but this version with dry tea leaves and dry pomegranate seeds is very inspiring!



Simona from Briciole, is a dear friend and I love her posts about home made cheese. This time she makes gnocchi, and who doesn’t love gnocchi?? These made of chickpea flour just looks (and surely tastes) mouth watering!
Chickpea flour gnocchi with red beets

gnocchi simona


Tanya from Easy and Simple food makes Rajma dosai, another dish I didn’t know, but can’t wait to try. It seems simple to do, but as Tanya recommends please pay attention to cook properly whole grain dosai, if not it can be indigestive. (Thank you for the tip, Tanya!)


Siri fromCooking With Siri, teach us how to make a Quick Lemon Dal. This is specially interesting for me as I realize I have always made it wrong. I added the Tadka (seasoning)in the beginning with the dal. Now I know better!
Ah, Siri says this is a very comforting dish on grey days or add some more water and make a soup for lazy nights. I do believe her!!

Cindy from Cindystar has made a typical Tuscany pot.
Tuscan Ribollita, if you don’t have the chance to go to Tuscany now you have to recipe to make it your self.


I love fava beans, of course the fresh ones are my favorite, but also the dried ones are so good.
This time in my soup I added orange peel, and I must say it gave the soup some extra sting.:)
Fava bean & Carrot soup with orange

Fava & Carrot soup with orange - Zuppa di fave e carote all'arancia

I do hope I didn’t miss out someone, if this is the case please send me an email: and will add you at once.

I wish to thank Lisa Lisa’s Kitchen and Susan The Well-Seasoned Cook for this lovely event and the pleasure to hosting it.


And now the two winners…
Siri from  Cooking With Siri & Simona from Briciole
ongratulations!! 😀



13 thoughts on “MLLA #67 the round up (en)

    1. brii Post author

      Yeah, I agree!!
      It was so interesting reading your blogs and learning new delicious recipes.

  1. tanya

    congrats to the winners…:) And kudos to brii.. NIcely hosted and love the round up. The recipes are tempting to try them…
    hope to participate in the upcoming months also. Nice event.

    1. brii Post author

      Thank you Tanya!
      Yes, I also think it is a lovely event and I’m happy to have been your host this month.

  2. Siri (@Sirime)

    Yay! I was about to hit the sack and got your comment that I won the giveaway. I am so excited now and thanks so much for such a lovely roundup. 🙂


    1. brii Post author

      It has been a real pleasure to host this event and it was exciting to make the draw of the names!
      Happy that you are one of the winners!

  3. shaheen

    Thank you so much for hosting Brii. Its a lovely round up and I always enjoy participating in this particular challenge.


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