Announcement: My Legume Love Affair #67 (en)

JanMLLALogo201472 I’m honored and pleased to host the first 2014 edition of My Legume Love Affair (MLLA), the popular, legume-centered event that is the brainchild of Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook and has been hosted by Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen since February 2013.

It makes my especially happy because the MLLA is the event that gave me the idea to create Salutiamoci two years ago together with Lo, Stella, Roberta & Barbara.

Participation in the event revolves around a recipe that showcases one or more legumes.
The recipe can be savory or sweet but must be vegetarian.
The legume (or legumes) must be one of the main ingredients, not a minor character. (Exceptions to this general rule are legumes whose flavor is so intense that they are used in small quantities, like tamarind and fenugreek.) Example of legumes include (but are not limited to):

  • fresh or dried beans of any kind
  • lentils
  • chickpeas, ak.a., garbanzo beans (fresh or dried or their flour, a.k.a., besan)
  • peas (fresh or dried or their pods)
  • fava beans (fresh or dried)
  • soy beans (fresh or dried, or their derivative products, like tofu)
  • peanuts
  • carob beans
  • lupini beans

Not an exhaustive list, but it should give you a sense of the wide range of options. Note that in French the word légumes means vegetables, and also legumes. This event is about the second meaning.
 You can submit a new post or a post from your archive reposted for the occasion. Only one post per blog, please.
You can submit the recipe to other events as well.
If you have a recipe to share, but not a blog where to post it, send the recipe and other applicable pieces of information to me and I will add it to the roundup.
You will also be entered in the drawing.
The post must include a link to this announcement and also to Lisa’s post containing the event’s rules and host lineup.
Remember to kindly send a nod to Susan, our beloved creator of MLLA.
Use of the beautiful logo, designed by Susan, is optional.

To submit you post send an email to briiblog AT gmail DOT com with MLLA entry in the subject and containing the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Name of Your Blog
  3. Title and URL of Your Recipe Post
  4. Photo of the dish or legume(s) featured in it: Optional (but helpful) and maximum 400 px wide
  5. Your location (for prize purpose)

If you don’t have a blog, you can submit your recipe by sending me an email as described above (except for #2 and #3, which do not apply) with the description of the recipe.
The deadline is Friday, January 31 at midnight Rome time.
Feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding the event and its  rules.

The following prizes will be awarded to one winner via random drawing:

  • Best French Whip Whisk. This prize is offered by Susan at her expense, and she will also absorb worldwide shipping charges.  F.T.C. Notice: Susan does not receive any compensation from the bookseller or the publisher.
  • Hurst_logoHurst Bean Box – A case of six bag assortment of products by the N.K. Hurst Company. (Due to shipping restrictions, this prize can only be awarded if the winner is a U.S. resident.) FTC Notice: In May 2010, Susan, at her request, received two Hurst Bean complimentary products which are not available for purchase in her local markets. Neither Susan nor Lisa do generally accept free products from N.K. Hurst Company nor are they financially compensated by them.
  • Drawing Structure – If the winner is a U.S. resident, she/he will be the recipient of both Prizes described above.  In the event that an international winner is drawn, a second drawing will be conducted from the U.S. pool of entrants to ensure that the Hurst Prize is awarded every month.  In these instances, the international winner will receive the book, and the U.S. winner will receive the Hurst Prize.



8 thoughts on “Announcement: My Legume Love Affair #67 (en)

  1. tanya

    Hello Brii,

    Such a lovely event. I have just started blogging and sent my entry to your email. Kindly check.


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