Bread & Vegetable cake

Bread & vegetable cake

This morning the winter arrived. The temperature suddenly fell and the sky was deep grey. It has rained all day, and I imagine the snow falling silent in our mountains.

Good morning Bardolino 23 nov 2013

I’m happy because thursday they (finally) came putting up the new windows. Until then it was all open here, and it was chilly passing from one floor to an other. 🙂
We’ve been very lucky though, the weather has been nice, sunny and not to cold.
The European Aspen (Populus Tremula) in front of the house looked wonderful with its yellow leaves against the blue sky and the even bluer lake!

view from home 22 nov 2013

View from home

From tomorrow it will probably snow also…but we are ready, waiting for it!
Look (behind the clouds), we even have some snow on Monte Baldo..can’t wait to put my (happy) feet on it! 😀

monte baldo 22 nov 2013

The new kitchen has arrived a couple of days ago, but there has been some (big) problems with the assembling so I can’t actually use it.
But the old oven is in function (I did miss it!!!!) so something can be made. So, while I’m waiting for the assemblers to come back and finish their work, I studying the instructions of the induction hob. (it seems very complicated! hmmm)
This is a tasty reuse of old bread.

Bread & Vegetable cake

Bread & vegetable cake

You need:
old bread cut in slices (mine was durum wheat)
brussel sprouts shredded
radicchio shredded
onions in slices
carrots in slices (thin)
kale shredded
zucchini shredded (to leave out in the winter version, of course)
bell pepper in little cubes (to leave out in the winter version, of course)

for the sauce
vegetal oil (like sun flower or olive)
unsweetened soy milk
chives chopped

Prepare the béchamel and put aside.
In an oven pan put some baking paper.
Put a layer of sliced bread, pour some olive oil over (extra virgin)
Then put the other shredded vegetables over, one layer over another.
Spill a little olive oil over and then the sauce, and half a glass of water (or white wine if you prefer)
Bake in oven for ca 40min at 180°.

Serve warm as lunch. Colorful comfort food. 🙂

Bread & vegetable cake


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