Kürbis brötchen – Pumpkin Buns – Panini alla zucca

Pumpkin buns - Panini alla zucca

Per Sara, la ricetta in italiano
Panini alla zucca

What a lovely month October is!
I’m happy because I have finished work one week before schedule.
Our house is still “work in progress” but with some imagination I can
almost see the end of it.
Fortunately it is still warm outside and in the last days the weather is finally as grey as I like it.
Feels almost as being in Sweden!

good morning 24 oct 2013

Simona from Bricole is hosting this months “Panissimo” and as Sara a dear old friend of mine ask me the recipe of my “Panini alla zucca” I thought I would make a post and bring it over to Simona and Wisla’s collection of October Breads.

Kürbis brötchen – Pumpkin Buns – Panini alla zucca
this recipe is interesting because you use the pumpkin raw.

Pumpkin buns - Panini alla zucca

620gr of flour
280gr of raw pumpkin in pieces
70 ml of vegetal oil (I used sunflower)
10gr dried yeast

Grind the pumpkin, add flour, the oil and the dried yeast.
Mix and the water little at a time, the dough should be sticky.
Cover and leave rising in the fridge for one night (at least 12h)
The next day, take the dough out of the fridge and leave it in room temperature for ca 15min.
The divide and make buns, or simply take small portions of sticky dough and put it on baking tray covered with baking paper.
Bake in hot oven at 200C° for 20min.

* try also the version with wine or beer instead of water (ca 40ml)

Pumpkin buns - Panini alla zucca

This is an other old recipe that goes to Simona  from  Briciole hosting Panissimo this month.
Thank’s to Bread & Companatico (Barbara) e Indovina chi viene a cena? (Sandra)
who had this lovely idea.


And I’m happy to send this buns also to Wizla’s bread collection.
Na zakwasie i na drozdzach

1 thought on “Kürbis brötchen – Pumpkin Buns – Panini alla zucca

  1. Simona

    La ricetta mi incuriosisce molto perche’ il pane alla zucca lo faccio con la zucca cotta al forno. Provero’ e ti faro’ sapere. Grazie per il contributo a Panissimo.


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