Patates Antinahtes (en)


The Culinary Journey through Europe ha arrived to Cyprus and we are hosted my dear friend Haalo from Cook almost anything at least once  until tomorrow 6th October.

I’m not very active on my blog this days, actually today it is exactly 2 months I’m without any kitchen, and probably the new one will arrive in November…I hope.
But with the help from my dear friend Ivy who kindly gave my a simple Cypriot recipe to do…I will be able to participate also on this stop-over.
Thank you Ivy, for your help!
Here you can read more about this delicious and easy making dish.


Patates Antinahtes

Patates Antinahtes

you need:

2 kilos (4.40 lbs) baby potatoes
1 tablespoon crashed coriander seeds
1 cup red dry wine (I used Bardolino)
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Salt (I don’t use it)
Freshly ground black pepper
I also added little Tumeric (I love the taste and the color) and some chili flakes

Wash the potatoes well and then scrub them with a sponge.
Ηit them with a mallet or a stone or pestle so that they crack.
(this is very funny to do, I used one of the stones from our garden walls :-D)

Patates Antinahtes

By breaking them they are cooked right through are absorb all the flavours.

In a large skillet add about 2 cm olive oil and fry them, turning them occasionally until they have a nice colour.
Remove them into a saucepan adding about four or five tablespoons of hot oil from the frying pan, the crashed coriander seeds, salt, pepper and wine.
Place lid on the pan and toss every now and then for five minutes until the potatoes have become soft inside and absorb the aromas of the coriander seeds and wine.
Well, simply delicious!!!

Patates Antinahtes

Abbecedario Culinario della Comunità Europea

You can find the rules, the nations and the hosting blogs on:Abbecedario Culinario Europeo.
The round ups can be found on Trattoria Muvara


2 thoughts on “Patates Antinahtes (en)

  1. Ivy

    Grazie mille per aver reso una delle mie ricette e mi fa piacere che ti sia piaciuto. abbracci e bacciusssss!!


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