Potato sallad – Insalata di patate (en)

whb389Potato salad - Insalata di patate - potatis sallad
Looking in my agenda I’ve noticed that only 2 weeks are missing to my “summer break”.
If the weather stays like it is now, it will be 2 very hot and sweaty weeks 🙂
We were all complaining about the rain and the cold winds blowing and now we find ourselves
complaining about the heat and the burning sun.
Never satisfied are we?? 😀
In the last two weeks I have been doing extra walks with guest from my hotels.
Last tuesday we walked from Garda to a wine cellar Cantina Cà Bottura, had some (a lot) of wine tasting and then slowly went back down in Bardolino.
They liked it very much and this is something I would like to introduce in next years walking programs.
Cà bottura 11 june 2013

The walk is not hard at all, you do some climbing in the beginning starting in the center of Garda and the heading for the Rocca,
but the view from up there, well pays your efforts.
Cà bottura 11 june 2013
Then you just stroll back down, ending in Bardolino.
Quick, easy and lovely! 🙂

This week I had 4 guest that wanted to do some tougher trekking.
My first idea was to take them from Valfredda to Telegrafo, but that would have been to long trip for them staying in Malcesine.
So I decided for Castelletto – Le Cà – Campo – Castelletto.
This is such a beautiful old mule path to follow. It is the old mule road Castelletto – Prada.
It takes you quickly and steeply up to over 600m t where you pass
the little hamlet of Le Cà – The Houses/Homes (Cà is a shortcut for casa – house/home).

Castelletto - Le Cà 19 june 2013

I adore this place. It is left more or less the way it was, some houses are renovated others are original like the little church of San. Francesco.
We usually stop for a break sitting on the bench beneath admiring the lake under our feet.


Like the other times I have some difficulties getting through the woods going down from Monte Biasi.
I must decide to bring a garden scissor to cut my way out, this time it was even more difficult,
because of the rain that had made everything grow abundantly.
We had to slide under rusty barbed wire and scratch ourselves through blackberry bushes.
Then we come out on the other old steep mule road that takes you from Marniga to Prada.
Here on the way back you pass an other adorable hamlet, Campo.
Castelletto - Le Cà 19 june 2013

It is only 7 years I do these walks and I have passed Campo countless times. But believe me when I say it is like the first time every time.
And now every time I pass, I see the progress of the renovation they are doing. Look, now you can see the “castle” in back, once all hidden by English Ivy.

Amazing Campo

Campo 12 june 2013
The recipe for this week’s WHB is very simple and quick.

Potato sallad -Insalata di patate

Potato salad - Insalata di patate - potatis sallad

You need
boiled cold potatoes
white natural soy yogurt
pickled gherkins
red onion (Tropea)
dill (fresh)
chives (fresh)

It is very important that you need cold potatoes, they are much easy to cut in cubes, and will not mash.
I washed my capers and gherkins under running cold water to skip most of the salt.
In a bowl put the onion(s) cut in very tiny slices, the capers (chopped if you prefer), the chopped gherkins and the cut dill and chives.
Mix and then add the yogurt, mustard and horseradish.
Mix and taste. Add more from whatever you think is missing and when you like the sauce, add the potato cubes.
Mix all well and let rest in the fridge for an hour or so before serving, just before putting the bowl on the table
add some more cut dill.

Potato salad - Insalata di patate - potatis sallad


This week we are hosted by Martissima di Mangiare è come viaggiare
Thanks to, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen for this lovely idea and
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once for managing successfully this event.
And also for giving me the opportunity to manage the Italian Version of WHB.



4 thoughts on “Potato sallad – Insalata di patate (en)

  1. Gata da Plar Mony

    Briiiii ^^ ho notato quel vasetto di fiorellini gialli con sottovaso coordinato… ma sono STUPENDI!!!!
    Pensa che qui sotto l’ufficio dove lavoro, c’è un gran piazzale tutto asfaltato e bè… in un angolino, tra asfalto e muro che se ci guardi non diresti mai che c’è “terra”… è nata una pianta con fiori simili (sembrano più che altro margheritine gialle con petali molto più piccoli rispetto al centro del fiore)…. se riesco la sradico quando sfiorisce e me la trapianto in giardino ;P


  2. brii Post author

    Grazie Mony!!
    Ecco la cosa che amo di più della natura, riuscire sempre spuntare fuori..anche se tolgono la terra o coprono con l’asfalto!
    I miei fiorellini gialli vengono dalla Santolina Chamaecyparissus, che è un’aromatica (ma secondo me puzza tantissimo :-DD)
    Adesso è cresciuta ed è diventata graande
    mixed flowers 22 june 2013

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