Green Bell Pepper Chutney – Chutney di peperoni verdi – WHB #384 (en)

Green bell pepper chutney - Chutney di peperoni verdi

Days are running fast and in a breath it will be June.
We are rather unfortunate with the weather, some days you believe Spring has finally come, sun, warmth and clear blue sky…and the then next three days it is raining again and it get chilly again.

As I’m writing the rain is pouring down, I’m sitting here listening to the soft rumor of rain.
Outside it is so green, even under the blur heavy grey sky.
My poor Banksia Alba Plena is almost drowned, it’s wigs full of flowers bending to the ground.
It is really glowing in the dim evening.
Rosa banksiae Alba Plena

Rosa banksiae Alba Plena

We are going to do some changes in the end of the summer, water has filtered in some rooms under the front garden, so we are going to dig it all up.
I have been waiting for some years now to do a white angle in the garden.
After having read and re read the lovely book In your garden, dreaming that one day I will visit her garden in Sissinghurst Castle, I just so deeply would like a white angle in our garden.
(You can read more about Vita here)
So many ideas are chasing themselves in my mind, I close my eyes and can almost see the garden I wish to have.
I would love borders of white Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) it could look nice mixed with Salvia variegata.
I would love to have another two Banksiae Alba Plena, making a curtain behind my red Camelia.
In the boarder near the kitchen, it would look so nice having plenty of white Peonies.
The round border could have some other White Morsdag Roses, the one I have is finally blooming and spreading like I wanted.
But, of course a must have is one or perhaps two white Kiftsgate roses.
Photo with courtesy of Roses Uk.

R. Filipes Kiftsgate (Rose)

R. Filipes Kiftsgate (Rose)🙂
By their feet, bunches of white Cerastium

oxalis & Cerastium

Oh, I could go on forever!!
But perhaps it is better I go on with the recipe.
Green Bell Pepper Chutney – Chutney di peperoni verdi
This is my first chutney without sugar!

Green bell pepper chutney - Chutney di peperoni verdi

You need:
600gr of green bell pepper cut in small pieces (without the waste)
4-5 medium white onions
1 fresh chili
1 piece of fresh ginger (big piece!!)
70ml of red vinegar
170ml-200ml of concentrated apple juice
mixed spices:
coriander, brown mustard seeds, tumeric*, pimento,
ground clove & cinnamon.

Put onion and ginger in a grinder and grind roughly.
Add this to the rest of the ingredients, mix and but to boil.
Let cook gently for about one hour, taste and eventually season with more apple juice or more spices if need.

Now, I can’t eat cheese anymore, but if you can…try this with a some hard strong cheese like Tremosine.
I found it very very nice together with a simple vegetable quiche, and after letting it rest for some days( a month would be better, but it is so tasty I can’t wait!) I will try it with meat of some kind.
Probably turkey or chicken as I can’t eat red meat too, anymore (sigh).
Wow! Lovely!!!!!

Green bell pepper chutney - Chutney di peperoni verdi

* pay a little attention with the tumeric, it gives a wonderful color but also a bitter aftertaste. If you don’t like bitterness, skip it.
Green bell pepper chutney - Chutney di peperoni verdi

I’m hosting this week’s WHB.


Thanks to, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen for this lovely idea and
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once for managing successfully this event.
And also for giving me the opportunity to manage the Italian Version of WHB.

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