Chickapea Crackers – Crackers di ceci – MLLA # 57 (en)

Chickpea Crackers - Crackers di ceci

This month Salutiamoci is hosting Chickpeas, if you follow this link you will find a long interesting list of chickpea recipes.

After the success with the brisè made from chickpeas, I tried to turn the same dough into tasty crackers.

Well, they turned out to be real good beside being healthy and so quick to do.

Chickapea Crackers – Crackers di ceci

Chickpea Crackers - crackers di ceci

You need:
300gr of chickapes left to soak one night
100gr of nuts
Fresh or dried herbs
210gr of plain flour
40ml of extra virgin olive oil
ca 40-50ml of water (added little at a time)
salt if you are permitted to use it (I’m not, having the Menièré disease)

You can do in two ways:
Whisk the soaked chickpeas  together with the nuts, the herbs and a pinch of chili.
Add flour, oil and water (little at a time)
Knead the dough (consistence like a brisè) a then let rest in the fridge for about an hour (this permit the dough non to be to sticky after to roll it out)
If you find it to sticky, don’t add flour when you roll it out, plunge the rolling pin in water and then spread out the dough.

Put the soaked and lightly dried chickpeas in a baking pan
Toste in hot oven 200° for 15min
(pay attention not to let them color to much, they will dry up and become hard)
Put oil and herbs in a bowl and mix, then pour the hot chickpeas in the bowl and mixed with the perfumed oil.
Then follow the description above.

Divide the dough in two parts.
While spreading one leave the other in the fridge.
Spread the dough with a rolling pin on a piece of baking paper.
Keep it thin, like max 1/2cm.
With a fork or as I do, rolling with this funny object, prinkle the dough all over.
With a spatula or a knife cut in triangles, square or rectangular pieces, whatever makes you happy. 🙂
Bake 25min at 200°C.
Do the same with the other half of the dough.

Chickpea Crackers - Crackers di ceci

Well, these crackers where really a surprise. I always thought you need butter or lard to make crispy, cruncy crackers, but you don’t!

This is my entry for MLLA #57
hosted by Padmajha from Seduce you Tastebuds this month.
I wish to thank  Lisa’s from Lisa’s Kitchen
here on her MLLA page you can read all about MLLA
and of course Susan from  The Well Seasoned Cook, the creator of the event.


7 thoughts on “Chickapea Crackers – Crackers di ceci – MLLA # 57 (en)

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  2. PJ

    We use a lot of chickpeas in our cuisine and this one is so new to me. Would love to try this one. Thanks for sending it across 🙂

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