WHB #375 – the round up

This week I’m hosting the English edition of the WHB.
For the Italian edition please visit Kris from Tutto a Occhio.

Janet from the Taste space, who lives in Toronto
She sends us a spicy dish
Indian-Spiced Chickpeas and Kale 


Haalo from Cook (almost) anything at once, my musa ispiratrice
sends a delicious Pear & Amaretto cake


Cindy from Cindystar, sends a tasty soup
Daikon & barley soup

Dear Simona from Briciole, with her amazing view of the Pacific Ocean
sends us some very special toasted semolina flour strascinati

I’m trying to organize and improve my packed lunch, these are not bad at all!


Thank you for your contributions and I hope to see you all in Simona’s Kitchen hosting WHB #376 – email: info@simonaskitchen.com
other info here
o you want to host? Send me a mail: briiblog@gmail.com

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