Orange Marmalade without sugar (en)

orange Marmelade without sugar

It has been a very full week, and the next to come is more or less the same.
The Summer season is soon starting, this year Easter is very early so many Hotels are already opening in the end of March.
I will start with just two walks in the week, and from the end of April, there will be 3 walks.
This year we have 3 more Hotels joining making the 15hotels supporting my program.
Yes, since some week, I can say mine. 🙂
I have started my own company, offering trekking to hotels, groups and privates.
At the moment I only have 15 hotels and two groups, but as a beginning I’m very satisfied.
Being so many hotels, it could be a lot of guest coming along on the walks, so they asked me to do 5 walks a week. That is a little to much for me alone, so Mario, my dear friend Mario is giving me a hand.
He is a great person, capable and trusty. I think this summer we will have great fun! 🙂

My diet without salt has been extended for an other 5months.
In addition to this, I cannot eat meat, dairy products, chocolate and wine.
It is rather difficult to cook sometimes.
In addition to this or rather before I found out about all my “problems”. I decided to follow the rules of Salutiamoci, so many other products has been dropped out from my living.
This makes it even tougher to cook every day.
But it is also a challenge, a new way of creating, inventing.

Sometimes I have dark moments, but fortunately I just have to raise my head and look out of the window, the view of the lake makes my happy again.

This is not taken at home, but from Val Sandalino.

View from the lake from la croce
It is a deep valley above Pai, and it’s very interesting and beautiful.
I’ve been the several times, but I must admit that Thursday with the rain and the valley full of water was the most lovely of all times.

Val sandalino2

the valley where full of Spring Snoewflakes (Leucojum vernum)
they look very similar to Snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis), but are completely different families.


And we also found a big example of a Fire salamander (salamandra salamandra). They are rather shy and not so easy to find.
He played dead, but I turned him around (with gloves, he’s poisonous)
so we all could take nice photos. 🙂


The recipe I’m sharing comes from an old Italian Cook book
Pellegrino Artusi
Mine was a gift from Iris, my beloved Mother-in-law.
Of course, my procedure is completelt different from the original recipe.

Orange Marmalade without sugar

You need
5 oranges
concentrated apple juice
kozu root starch

Prick the oranges and put them in cold water.
Change the water twice a day for 3 days.
Always leave them in a cool place.
The third day cut away the beginning and the end.
Cut in thin slices and then in quarters.
Cover with water and cook for 20min.
Now add the apple juice (mine was more or less 100ml)
and cook for another 40min on low heat, mixing now and then.
Dissolve the kozu in little water and add to the marmalade.
Cook for another 5min and pour in clean glasses and close the lid.
Let cool up-side-down.
Store in a cool, dark and dry place.
Will conserve for 6months, more I don’t know because mine finished by that time.

The color is pale because of the apple juice which is very dark.
The taste is of course not sweet, it has a slight bitterness in the end.
We loved it 🙂

orange Marmelade without sugar

This goes to Simona from Briciole
hosting WHB this week.

Thanks to, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen for this lovely idea and
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once for managing successfully this event.
And also for giving me the opportunity to manage the Italian Version of WHB.




4 thoughts on “Orange Marmalade without sugar (en)

  1. Simona

    Adoro le salamandre. Quando camminano sono buffissime. Posso immaginare che con tutte le restrizioni che hai non sia facile cucinare e anche nutrirsi abbastanza, dal momento che il tuo non e’ certo un lavoro sedentario. Una mia amica quasi sicuramente viene dalle tue parti ad insegnare un corso di pittura. Appena conferma, vi metto in contatto. Sono sicura che le piacerebbe farsi qualche bel giro. Grazie del contributo!

  2. My Italian Smörgåsbord

    la voglio! ho visto il tuo post sul sito di Simona e mi sono ricordata di essermi dimenticata di lasciarti un segno del mio passaggio (perche’ di qui sono passata diverse volte). scusa il ritardo (che maleducata sono a volte) ma questo inverno in svezia e’ stato terribile e la concentrazione e’ stata molto scarsa. ma tu sei svedese trapiantata in Italia? avevi ragione, postare in tutte e tre le lingue e’ difficile 🙂


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