Onion jam with bay leaf (it)

Red onion jam with bayleaf - confettura di cipolla ed alloro

I’m having a hard time with my diet.  In the beginning I was told it would be for (only?) 45 days, but the other day I was told that for my health it should be better to go on for on other 5 months 😦
Some food is to be abandoned forever, like cheese and all kind of pork. Aaaaargh!
And of course salt. For me salt is more or less like poison. Makes my very sick.
But there are worse things and as long I’m fit to explore my surroundings I’m happy.

I was looking for a new path the other day,  which turned out more difficult then expected so I turned back and did an easier one.
The view, even on a grey, dull, cold, windy February day was as always wonderful.

view of the lake frm navene beach

view of the lake on a grey cold february day

Onion Jam with Bay leaf – Confettura di Cipolla con alloro

Red onion jam with bayleaf - confettura di cipolla ed alloro

The idea of this jam, comes from an old recipe I posted on Cookaround years ago

you need:
2 onions
1 apple
one or two handfulls of raisins
6 tbsp of concentrated apple juice
some dried bay leaves
ground cinnamon
ground cloves
ground cardomom
fresh grind black pepper

Mix the spices with the apple juice.
Cut the onions and the apple in tiny slices.
Add the juice to the onion and apple, add the bay leaves and the raisins.
Mix and let marinate over the night in a cool place.
The next day, skip the bay leaves, add some tbsp of water and cook gently (ca20min) until the apples are mashed but the onion is still crunchy.

Try it with chicken, or rye bread with soft cheese like ricotta.
Or try it together with a quiche made of ricotta and spinach.
It is very tasty and perfumed.

If you leave the bay leaves it will turn our more bitter.
Add some couples of other tbsp of apple juice if you prefer a sweeter jam.

Red onion jam with bayleaf - confettura di cipolla ed alloro

In Italiano:
L’ispirazione di questa ricetta viene da una ricetta che postai su Cookaround anni anni e anni fa 🙂

Vi serve
2 cipolle tonde rosse
1 mela renetta
una manciata (ma si dai due) di uvetta
6 cucchiai di succo di mela concentrato
qualche cucchiaio di acqua
2 cucchiai di aceto di mele
cannella in polvere
chiodi di garofano in polvere
cardomomo in polvere
poco pepe macinato fresco
qualche fogliolina di alloro secco

Mescolare 4 cucchiai di succo con le spezie
Tagliare le cipolle sottili sottili, come anche la mela.
Aggiungere al succo profumoso, agg anche l’alloro e l’uvetta, mescolare bene e lasciare marinare la notte in un posto fresco.
Il giorno dopo dare una energica mescolata, togliere l’alloro e mettere a cuocere.
Agg qualche cucchiaio di acqua ed l’aceto e cuocere per una ventina di minuti a fuoco dolce.
La mela si deve spappolare, ma la cipolla deve rimanere ancora croccante.

Servire con del pollo insipido, con un po’ di pane integrale e ricotta fresca insipida
o una quiche insipida di bietole e spinaci.
Bona e profumosa neee! 🙂

Se lasciate l’alloro in cottura viene più amaro.
Se preferite una confettura più dolce mettete un altro po’ di succo di mela.

Questa ricetta va a Terry di Crumpets & co che ci ospita questa settimana-

Thanks to, Kalyn di Kalyn’s Kitchen for this lovely idea and
Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once for managing successfully this event.
And also for giving me the opportunity to manage the Italian Version of WHB.



3 thoughts on “Onion jam with bay leaf (it)

  1. Terry

    originalissima e speziata!!! …come mi piaaaaace!!! grazie Brii… sto preparando il post… vado a nanna e domani ti scrivo con calma! baci

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