WHB Italian Version – 2 years! – WHB #361 (en)

I’m really thrilled!
This week the Italian version of the
Weekend Herbal Blogging is celebrating two year!
It seems like yesterday when we started on 22 November 2010.
It all started like this:

I saw my first WHB post
at Zorra’s in 2008,
it looked so interesting,
I liked the idea very much so I thought, why not join?
The next week I sent my first post WHB #151 – Lemon confit with Rosmary
So it started.

Some week’s later Kalyn announced the celebration of 3 years of WHB,
I sent her a mail asking if there was some way to involve also
Italian foodbloggers.
It was some time my fellow bloggers asked me
what WHB was and how to participate.
For them the problem was the language.
I asked if they could just wright the recipe in english and leave the small talk in italian.
Kalyn wrote that, as the main language was english,
it could have been a problem if more languages
where mixed in the same post.
Of course she was right, it would have come out too confusional.

Last year with Haalo announcing the 5th year of WHB,
a different thought caught me..
Why not do an Italian version of the WHB?
I wrote to Haalo,
asking her what she thought about the idea,
and she was enthusiastic.
I felt a little silly asking her, because I have never hosted the english version of the WHB,
and here I was asking to do an Italian version.
But Haalo is an amazing person, talented, gentle, helpful.
She helped me get started, explaining what to do.
I’m so proud to have the honor to organize the WHB in Italian.
Thank you Haalo!

I was so thrilled, I still am.
I’m thrilled every week when I see the recipes arriving,
the round up makes me smile like a fool,
my heart filled with joy.
All these bloggers participating even if there is no prize to win, no pdf to down load, no mention on glamourous magazines or collaborations with famous brands.
You that participate only for the joy to participate,
learn, host and share.
And so agree with Haalo when she says without you WHB wouldn’t exist.
Thank you all!

This week I’m hosting both editions English and Italian
So, I steal Haalo’s idea to draw a name among those that joins in this week.
The gift is a little bit different this time.
I’ve choosen to do a little charity, helping an organization here in Verona: ProgettoMondo MLAL.
Some time ago my friend Virgina from Lo Spilucchino asked us to make a recipe using bread as main ingredient, this for a project called “io non mangio da solo” –
“I don’t eat alone”. The idea was to create a calendar with 12 recipes and to sell it.
Now the calendar is ready and it is very very beautiful, so I thought I would give one of them to one of you participating this week.
There will also be a book, with all the 91 recipes that arrived to the contest, but it is not ready yet 🙂
The recipes are in Italian, but it will be my pleasure to translate all 12 of them for you.  The photo is Virginia’s

Calendario MLAL-1

the logo

WHB #361
from 19 November to 25 November 2012

If you would like to join- it’s very simple.

You have the week to post about any herb, vegetable, fruit, nut, seed, flower or grain – in fact if it is plant based, we would love to know more.

Your post can be informative and/or include a recipe where your featured ingredient is the main ingredient of the dish. Posts can be written anytime during the week but they need to be sent to me by the deadline.

Please include the phrase Weekend Herb Blogging or WHB in you title, and include these links in your post:
Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Haalo from Cook almost anything at least once

Send your posts to Briiblog at gmail dot com
within 25 November 2012
Please include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your Blog/URL
  • Your Post URL
  • Your Location
  • Attach a photo: 300px wide

Please send me you email within this timelines

  • 3pm Sunday – Utah Time
  • 10pm Sunday – London Time
  • 11pm Sunday – Rome Time
  • 9pm Monday – Melbourne DS Time

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