Legume soup – MLLA #53 (en)

November is being so beautiful, it is very difficult stay at home.
I love the sunny days, I love the rainy days, I love the foggy days.
I’ve lived my first 19 years in Sweden where from November to March (more or less) the days where all the same; brown, grey, white…dark.
Sometimes all these sunny days we have on the Garda lake, are really too much for me. I actually need some grey days to regenerate.
Sound silly I know. 😀

Last week I went walking with my daughter (n°4) Sofia.
She’s not so sparkling as her sister Helena, she talks less, is more reflexive, more peaceful. She is vegetarian, does pilates and would save all the animals in the world if she could.
In the meanwhile she takes care of all our 9 cats. 🙂


We took a walk from Lazise to Pacengo.
The day was beautiful, clouds running in the blue sky.
The water shimmering in the afternoon light.
Trees colored in green, brown, red and yellow.

changing colours


taking photos of the waves


red against the blue sky

view of the lake from Lazise beach

Legume Soup

Legume soup - zuppa di legumi

you need:
250gr of mixed beens
one onion
one fennel
one green stick of celery
one carrot
one  tin of peeled tomatoes.
bay leaf, thyme, sauge
extra virgin olive oil


Leave the beans in cold water all the night.
Chop the vegetables and let them gently fry in olive oil in a crock pot together with the herbs.
Add the drained beans, mix and then add the tomatoes, and 3 tins (use the tomato tin) of water.
Cook for 30-35min.
Check that the beans are done but not mashed.

Season with Vegan Streusel  and serve immediately.

Legume soup - zuppa di legumi

This goes to Simon of Briciole hosting this month.


1 thought on “Legume soup – MLLA #53 (en)

  1. Simona

    She looks a bit worried in the photo: I hope it was a passing thought. That’s so nice that the two of you walk together. Thank you so much for the contribution to My Legume Love Affair. It’s been raining hard here today and last I came back from Boston where it was quite cold, so a bowl of hearty soup sounds wonderful right now.

    P.S. Me lo mandi un messaggino con il link?


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