Crumbled vegetables with pears (en)

I love crumbles.
With few breadcrumbs you can change the look and taste of a simple plate.
I use crumble both made of old bread and made of flour.
Here you can read what you can do with old bread and how to conserve it.

Crumbled vegetables with pears

crumble glutenfree2

You need;
this very useful kitchen utensil 🙂

lato b>

the other side 🙂
lato a

homemade vegetable stock cube

for the crumble

farine glutenfree

100gr of a mix of:
millet flour
rice flour
amaranth flour
quinoa flour
50gr of roughly chopped nuts
60gr of cold butter cut in small pieces
but all ingredients in a small bowl, and make small crumbles  with your fingertips.
Work fast before the butter gets to tender.
Add the nuts and finish crumble.

Set aside.

crumble glutenfree1

In a pan pour some olive oil, and add the onion (sliced very thin) and some vegetable stock cube, sear for a couple of minutes until soft-
Now add the other vegetables (radicchio, cabbage and leek) sliced thin
(using the kitchen utensil in the photo you will have very thin slices).
Let cook briefly for an other couple of minutes.

Add the pear sliced thinly, mix with the vegetables and divide in individual
bowls and spread the crumbles.
Bake in oven at 230°C for 5-10min (depending on your oven) until tanned.
crumble grlutenfree 3

Delicious!! 🙂

This recipe goes to my friend Simona of Briciole

hosting  Cooking With Seeds this month.
An idea of Priya of Priya’s Versatile Recipes
More info here


1 thought on “Crumbled vegetables with pears (en)

  1. Simona

    This is a simple and very nice dish. I like your storage bottles for flours. I use yogurt tubs and the problem is that they are not transparent. I label the lids, but sometimes get they get mixed up. Thank you so much for your contribution to Cooking with seeds!


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