Black & White Wednesday #47 – (en)

I spent some days is North Italy, in Südtirol. We went to Bruneck and Kronplatz.
We had lunch in the Cai Hütte.

Cai - Hütte

inside the Hütte

Julius Meini - Cafè

This Hütte (refugee) was first built in 1900.
The it was renovated in 2000

The hütte before and after the renovation

This lovely photo shows Kronplatz in 1947, when you could get there only by foot.

The first ski tow was made in 1964. Before there was nothing, just nature and silence.

Hema of Hema’s Adugemane  is hosting this week’s BWW.

Thank you Susan for having created this lovely event


2 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday #47 – (en)

    1. brii Post author

      si era davvero bello, sto mettendo a posto le foto sono riuscita scendere da 409 a 369…ma sono ancora troppi troppissimi!
      Stasera ti porto una ricetta per la raccolta dei cereali.
      Traduco, scrivo, post ed emailo 🙂


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