Bean & Turkey salad – MLLA #49 (en)

July is almost come to an end, time has passed so fast and of course I haven’t done half of the things I wanted to do.
The weather has been so hot almost every day that the only thing we manage to eat (and me to “cook”) is salads, salads and again salads.
This is another idea to use beans.

Bean & Turkey salad

Bean & turkey salad

You need:
250gr of dry white beans
300gr of turkey cut in stripes
2 zucchini
2 carrots
1 onion
1 yellow bell pepper
fresh herbs
extra virgin olive oil
vegetable stock cube

Bean & turkey salad

Put the dry beans in a pot covered by water. Let soak for 24h
The next day put the beans in the pressure cooker, add fresh herbs and a tbsp of vegetable stock cube, cover with water.
Cook 20min after the sound of the whistle.
Drain and let cool.
In a pan gentle fry the chopped onion.
Add the bell pepper cut in slices, and the the carrots.
Season with some of the fresh herbs.
Mix continually and when the vegetables are almost cooked add the zucchini.
When the vegetable are cooked, remove from pan and put aside.
Add some oil, curry and paprika in the pan and the add the turkey stripes.
Sautè the turkey stripes for a couple of minutes and in the end add the with beans.
After an other couple of minutes add the vegetables and mix well.
Add herbs, curry and paprika and taste, serve immediately.

Bean & turkey salad

This goes to my dear friend Simona from Briciole
Hosting this months MLLA, an event created by
Susan ofThe Well-Seasoned Cook

1 thought on “Bean & Turkey salad – MLLA #49 (en)

  1. Simona

    A very nice use of beans a vegetables to go with meat, so a complete meal in a bowl. Thank you so much for contributing again to My Legume Love Affair.


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