Rif. Mondini’s Cioccolate & Pear cake – Novel Food # 16 (en)

I haven’t read much lately.
I mean, I don’t read any novels or romances.
The only thing I read is boat and bus timetables,
maps, instructions and German, English,Swedish dictionaries.
My time is divided between walking and studying the next routes.

But there is one book I read, read and read again.
It is like a manual to me, it gives me new inspiration everytime I read it. I understand more and more, and have more and more respect for this man and the love he had for this mountain.
The book is called Il Monte Baldo, and tell the story about this mountain, or should I say chain of mountain which is more correct.
Monte Baldo is a chain, stretching from Nago/Torbole in the North of the Garda Lake, to Garda, 36km further south or more exactly San Vigilio, where it ends in the water.
It tells the story about the flowers, the trees and how once this mountain was called the Hortus Europae, the European Botanical Garden.
It’s first “fame” came with the beautiful book “Il viaggio a Monte Baldo, written in 1568 by Francesco Calzolari, also very famous is the painting of his cabinet, from 1622.
Francesco Calzolari’s collection will be the foundation of the future Museum of Science of Verona.

This book also tells the story about the people who has lived here.
Their lives short, hard and difficult.
It also tells the story about the villages and hamlets.

These abandoned hamlets I found on my way walking up and down the Monte Baldo.
Hamlets like Campo,
beautiful Campo

Le Cà

le Cà




il piccolo borgo di campedello

The first time I saw Campedello, I felt my heart ache.
This little hamlet was so important, being on the very important way Via Campiona, that took you from one side of Monte Baldo to the other.
Walking on this old paths I can almost feel the people passing so many times before me.
Back aching, tired, feet hurting.

I love reading Eugenio’s book, I read it over and over again, trying to learn more and more.
He loved this mountain, you can feel it in every word.
I have come a long way, from very far away and it has taken me a lot of time and efforts to understand what I would like to be, what I would like to do.
I would like to protect, preserve, guard this piece of beauty.
Love and fight for it like people have done before me.

The little refugee Mondini, situated at the middle station of the chairlift in Prada (1513mt) ha recently been give the name of
Eugenio Turri.
Now it is called baito Eugenio Turri-

Icelanders in Garda 2012

It is kept by Elisa and Rosanna.
This Elisa & me
Icelanders in Garda 2012

One of their specialities is this Chocolate and Pear cake.
Of course I asked to have the recipe. 🙂

Rif. Mondini’s Chocolate & Pear Cake

Chocolate & Pear Cake - Torta Cioccolato & Pere

You need:
300gr of flour
180gr of butter
3 eggs
200gr of sugar*
250gr dark chocolate
5 pear
1 glass of milk
1 sachet of baking powder – 15-18gr

Chop the chocolate and put away.
Mix the other ingredients (not pears, and baking powder)
Add the chocolate, mix well and the add the baking powder.
Peel, core and cut the pears in slices.
POur the compound in a mold covered with baking paper.
Add the pears.
Cook in oven 180°C fot 60min.
Check if baked with a wooden stick.
Serve with icing powder.

Chocolate & Pear Cake - Torta Cioccolato & Pere

* I putted 100gr of sugar.

Chocolate & Pear Cake - Torta Cioccolato & Pere



This is my contribution to the 16th edition of Novel Food,, the literary/culinary event that Lisa of Champaign Taste and Simona of Bricole has started some time ago.


3 thoughts on “Rif. Mondini’s Cioccolate & Pear cake – Novel Food # 16 (en)

  1. Simona

    Your deep love for Monte Baldo shines from every word. I know you are very attached to the place and I hope that no fight will be needed to preserve it. It seems the norm nowadays, to have to struggle to make sure that beautiful places are not destroyed. That is a truly beautiful cake! Thank you so much for contributing to Novel Food. God’s willing, we’ll go for a hike on Monte Baldo together this fall 😉

    1. brii Post author

      My dearest Simona, thank you so much for your words.
      Yes, it is true, that’s why I’m trying with all my forces (and words) to take as many persons as possible to see Costabella.
      If we are many that love and care for this place, I think there will be more chances it remains at it is.
      I do hope to have the opportunity to take you both here.

  2. Farmgirl Susan

    I really enjoyed this post and am so glad I discovered your blog via Novel Food. What a very special place. So beautiful. Your photos are wonderful. And the cake looks amazing! 🙂


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