Black & White Wednesday #38 – (en)

I have been in the Italian region of Piemonte last week end.
I have never been so high up in the Italian Alps before, I was stricken by the beauty. It is really breathtaking.

Uja di Ciamarella

Piano della mUssa

I went there to follow a class of Instructor of Nordic Walking .
Here you can read where it all started, the NW was brought to Italy
by Marko Kantaneva who taught Tommy Schöpf who taught (and founded ANI)
Fabrizio Lorenzoni who taught me 🙂
Makes me feel important :-))
It is over 350km to Balme from Valsorda on the Garda lake where I live, so I preferred to start the afternoon before.
I got to Ala di Stura, one of the little villages along the Stura River at 6 p.m
Left bags and car in the hotel and took a walk to the center where I immediately bought a Guide Book and a map.
Then I stopped at the only market in Ala, I bought something to drink and eat and
then followed a path in the  woods.
When I found a nice peaceful place with a good view I sat, eat and read.

pic nic alone

I didn’t mind being alone, I work as a guide and must talk all the day (I don’t mind that mind me :-D), I have a big family sometimes a little too crowed and loud (well, I’m a very loud person too), so the silence and the loneliness was very, very

pic nic alone

As dessert some wild strawberries growing everywhere
wild strawberries

wild strawberries

Thanks to Usha from My spicy Kitchen
Hosting this weeks BWW

Thank you Susan for having created this lovely event 


One response to “Black & White Wednesday #38 – (en)

  1. It does look very peaceful and beautiful clicks! Thanks for participating in B&WW

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