Zesty Pasta – Presto Pasta Night 2012 #246 (en)

Today I hade some difficulties to do the walk Castelletto – Cassone,
It was so hot and humid we had to stop at every fountain, every tap we passed by, filling our dry, empty bottles.

And even if all of us were covered with  sun cream with high protection, we were red and burned we got to Cassone.

But as always, this walk is so beautiful.

So when I got home, after a very chilly shower I made myself a plate of this dish.
Usually I eat salads or fruit when I come back from my walks, but today I felt I needed a plate of carbs!
I used a pasta made of Rice and Maize, gluten free.
I usually rotate pasta with and without gluten, it is good to not eat too much gluten even if you are not  celiac.

Zesty Pasta 

Maccaroncini aromatici

You need:
500gr. di spaghettini or other pasta
100 gr. of pickled cucumber
100 gr. of pickled bell pepper
20 gr. of green olives,
20 gr. of capers,
8 anchioves,
100 ml of extra virgin olive oil
some twigs of Basil,
salt and pepper q.b.
chili (optional, but wouldn’t you add it??)

Chop all the ingredients (not the pasta of course! :-D)
Heat the sauce and cook the pasta.
When the pasta is ready, drain, mix with the sauce and serve immediately!!

Maccaroncini aromatici

Maccaroncini aromatici

This goes to Simona from Briciole. hosting this week’s
Presto Pasta night.

3 thoughts on “Zesty Pasta – Presto Pasta Night 2012 #246 (en)

  1. Ruth

    Lovely dish whatever the weather. Although, I probably would have chosen a shadier activity. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

    1. brii Post author

      Thank you Ruth!
      I work as a Trekking Guide, must go with any weather :-DD
      I’m happy to join Presto Pasta Nights!

  2. Simona

    I know it’s hot in Italy these days and I am sure it is not easy to walk under the sun. With my low blood pressure, I’d have a hard time. I think you deserve a nice plate of carbs. Thank you so much for contributing this nice pasta dish to Presto Pasta Nights.


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