WHB #334 – the round up (en)

It is always difficult write a post when something sad happens, it doesn’t really matter if it is a personal issue or something that happened around you, you can’t find the words to start, you don’t now how to go on, how to end.

You feel silly because out there, others perhaps are feeling even worse, perhaps they are in even worse situations, the persons that come by perhaps just want’s to read, shake their head and smile, let their mind think of something else for a few minutes.

So I apologize if this post is not so joyful as mine usually are, I feel sad for the things happened in the last 2 days here in Italy.

I’m feeling sorry for the tragedy happened in Brindisi and the drama Nature as Earthquake caused in Emilia Romagna.

The Earthquake was so strong we felt here in Valsorda, in no time we where over 200 persons on FB comforting each other, seeking news, trying to understand how strong and naturally where it had damaged.

Nobody wanted to go to bed anymore, but everybody where tired and so scared.
I wasn’t scared, just impressed so impressed of the power of Nature, feeling very tiny and insignificant.
And this morning looking at the lake passing by outside the rainy and stormy window of the bus that took me to Malcesine, I felt happy to be alive, grateful to exist.

I wish to thank Haalo, who have given me the opportunity to do an Italian Version of the WHB. Now it is more than 1 year, and it is lovely to see my fellow Italian Blogger joining every week. ūüôā

This week- WHB #335- my dear friend Simona,is hosting.
Please send your recipe to her: Simosite@mac.com
And now the lovely, tasty and interesting recipes of this round up.

Graziana from Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with herbs) 
Also one of my favorite blogs!
Coconut and chocolate mini cheesecakes with cinnamon
Wouldn’t you love to try one of these?

Victoria from Flavors in the sun
Isn’t that a lovely name for a Blog?
An ancient and thoroughly modern spice 
Also one of my favorite spices! have you ever tried Acacia Flowers with Cumin? Mmmmmm ūüėČ

 Cindy from Cindystarblog
Sciroppo di Sambuco – Elder Syrup

Simona from Briciole
Do you know what Briciole means? Tiny bread crumbs!
Ah, Simona! Mario says hello and asks when you will be back!
minestra di fave e piselli / fava bean and pea soup

Emma from¬†Emma’s Kitchen Diary¬†(lovely blog!)
Sausage and Fennel bake 
This is sooo inviting!!!

I love that Nate and Annie writes this blog together!

Just look at that Faijta, it is shaped as a heart!

 Lovely Haalo from
Cook (almost) anything at least once.
Lovely blog with lovely recipes and photos.
She has made us a lovely Torta di riso.
(with amarene!!! Mmmmmmmm) 
 I have picked Elderflowers. The  Elderflower Liquor and the  Elderflower vinegar is marinating, but in the meanwhile I share with you  this Elderflower Cordial.
My dear friend Marcia suggested where to find this recipe.  

Elderflower - Sambuco - Hollunder Cordial

Thank you all!

9 thoughts on “WHB #334 – the round up (en)

  1. Ale73 - emotionaltrees

    Vero Brii ci sentiamo cos√¨ piccoli e insignificanti davanti alla Natura, forse dovremmo pensarlo pi√Ļ spesso….
    E’ stato comunque confortante trovarci su Fb e Skype e fare “colazione” virtualmente insieme anche se erano le 4!
    WHB √® un bellissimo momento d’incontro settimanale, che purtroppo tra lavoro e vari problemi non riesco a seguire costantemente come vorrei.
    Grazie a te, Haalo per questa bella opportunità.
    baciussss TVB

    1. brii Post author

      Infatti il momento pi√Ļ bello √® davvero stato quando ci siamo trovate su FB e poi su Skype, era confortante sapere che non sei da solo non sapere e non capire.
      Grazie SuperAle, lo so..il tempo sfugge e ci sono così tante cose che vorremmo fare ma non ci riusciamo.
      Come per esempio farti la sorpresa ieri, volevo andare in Franciacorta (in Fiore) passavo, ti rapivo e ti portavo con me…
      Invece non ci sono riuscita ūüė¶
      TVBissimo anch’io!

  2. Ale73 - emotionaltrees

    Vero c’era Franciacorta in Fiore…beh dai ci vedremo all’Ikea :DDDDD

  3. haalo

    They are very sad times in Italy – the loss of life and loss of history – it seems most of the news we get here is on the loss of Parmigiano.
    You’ve done a lovely job Brii, especially love the double dose of elderflowers.

  4. Simona

    What a nice photo of the elderflower branch!
    I hope we are done with this earthquake: enough loss of life already.


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