Fava bean and Strawberry salad with pistachio – MLLA # 46 (en)

It has been many busy days, and now this lovely month that is April is running to its end.
I just adore April!
It has been raining a lot, and the water coming down from the sky has giving light, color and fragrance to literally everything.
The colors of the trees, the plants and the flowers together with the color of the lake that changes every day and the different blue and grey hues of the sky is breathtaking.
san vigilio 21 apr 2012

Balòc 2012 (fit&sun)

Tempesta - Torbole 25 apr 2012

Tempesta - Torbole 25 apr 2012

This recipe is an experiment, I love fava beans but usually do soups or creams.
But I have tried black beans, borlotti beans, white beans and also chickpeas in salad and found them all lovely.
This recipe will also be submitted to a new event I will do
together with 3 other Italian Blogger.
I loved very much the idea of Susan’s MLLA and Siri’s Healing food and
thought why not try some like it, in an Italian Version.
We will try to follow suggestions of what you can and cannot eat
to prevent cancer.
I know it will be difficult, a completely new way of thinking and cooking.
But we, my fellow bloggers and I think it is worth trying.

Fava bean and strawberry salad with pistacchio

Strawberry and Fava bean salad - MLLA #46

you need:

400gr of fresh fava beans (shelled)
200gr of strawberries
a piece of leek
some fresh green celery leaves
a piece of cucumber
1 red onion (Tropea)
a handfull of pistachio (roughly chopped)

for the vinaigrette
extra virgin olive oil
zest and juice of one lime

Shell the fava beans and cook them for 10min.
Drain and let cool
Wash the strawberries and cut in quarters
Peel the cucumber and cut in thin slices.
Slice the onion and the leek.
Slice the salad

Mix the vinaigrette and let rest while you mix the salad.
Pour the vinaigrette over the salad and season (generously) with the copped pistachio and pepper.

Strawberry and Fava bean salad - MLLA #46

Since I suffer from Meniere’s desease I do not use salt.

Strawberry and Fava bean salad - MLLA #46

This is my entry for MLLA #46 hosted by Susan from
The-Well seasoned cook.



4 thoughts on “Fava bean and Strawberry salad with pistachio – MLLA # 46 (en)

  1. Lo

    sembra un quadro dipinto…che esplosione di rosso e di verde….Bri….è bella!!!! …e buona

  2. Simona

    Fave e fragole vanno bene insieme. Un paio di anni fa ho creato una ricetta per il connubio. E poi, come dice Lo, anche i colori stanno bene insieme. Non ho ben capito cosa bolle in pentola: aspetto maggiori dettagli. Buon weekend!

    1. brii Post author

      era da un po’ che ci pensavo e mi sono detto, dai proviamo!
      Mi è piaciuto moltissimo.
      Oggi iniziamo la nostra nuova avventura….Salutiamoci.
      Ti piacerà!
      Buonissimo 1 maggio!


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