Black & White Wednesday #29 – Emptiness(en)

I’m working a lot even if the weather is not sunny or warm.
My guests are all staying in hotels in Malcesine,
in the north of Garda lake
and I live in Valsorda, in the south.
Usually we go by bus, this is because I want to (try to) keep less cars moving up and down the lake.
This is to avoid pollution and endless car queues.
The guests don’t mind, it is less stress for them, and also the driver gets to see the beautiful surroundings.
We meet on the bus stop, I’m there early, waving and shouting 🙂
It is not that easy for the tourists to now where to get off the bus.
Here I was in Pai di sotto, waiting for my guests.
It was grey and cloudy, almost raining.
But the empty tables and chairs looked so suggestive in the chilly, grey, rainy morning.

Empty restaurant

Empty restaurant

Empty restaurant

The photos where shot in black&white
This is my submission to week #29 edition of
Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,
launched by Susan of
The Well-Seasoned Cook.


2 responses to “Black & White Wednesday #29 – Emptiness(en)

  1. Bellissime foto! Ricomincio anch’io questa settimana, non avevo visto il banner pero’, adesso lo copio!


  2. Che belle le tue foto! Sono così romantiche e nostalgiche di sole…..

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