Black & White Wednesday – A cup – (en)

This summer season has started and even if the weather isn’t very good, today it was raining during our tour Tempesta-Torbole, but fortunately I have photos I can show my guest of the view they didn’t see. πŸ™‚

view from Tempesta-busatte 20 june 2011

But we enjoy anyway, even with the rain pouring down, we stop and admire flowers, the lake, the clouds, we enjoy the sweet sound of the rain falling, the perfume of the wet grass, enjoyed the joy to be together and have a good time.
My young couple will join me on the next tour on Friday as well.

I have done most of these tours together with the hotel owners this winter. First of all, because they wanted to see how I do my job (it was about time since we work together since 2007, wasn’t! :-DD) and then they wanted to see where I will take their guests, so it will be easier to explain for the next ones.
Here is some of them during the tour Torri-Garda in February
Can’t say they didn’t enjoy, can you πŸ™‚

Once we stopped at Gloria’s place to drink tea and eat her lovely applepie.

I chose this cup for my Marsala tea, and I couldn’t help myself taking a photo to show my kids. They are often making fun of my and my cooking.

for the kids

This is, this week’s thought for Susan

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