Focaccia with herbs -WHB #327 (en)

Tomorrow officially the Summer season 2012 starts!
I’m both excited and anxious, excited because I love guiding, but I’m also anxious that everything will be and go alright.
I tend to forget where/who/what/when, loose people/things, take the wrong bus/train/airplane/boat and specially get it wrong with the bus/boat/train timetables!
Usually the last option happens whenever bus/train/boat times changes, let’s say twice, three times a year.
So, when I realize, BEFORE the turists notice…I say..
“Gosh, we just missed the bus/boat, let’s go and drink something!”
It always works! 🙂

Tomorrow I start with a walk I like a lot, Torri del Benaco- San Vigilio-Garda.

We will start in Torri
torri partenza sentiero

and the while talking and photographing we will gain hight and reach Monte Brè where if the weather is not to bad (the weather forecast predicts rain, but you never know) we will have a beautiful view of Punta San Vigilio.
san vigilio

Then we will reach the little harbor and strolling along the lake we will reach Garda.


I have changed almost all the walks this year, I have kept two

The Tempesta – Torbole, with it’s  iron stairs with 411 steps .

evitec - sweden 17 sept. 2010

All the way up you have an incredible view of the lake.view from Tempesta-busatte 20 june 2011

and Castelletto-Campo-Cassone
this is  the  old almost abandoned hamlet of Campo
some view? 🙂
view of the lake from Campo
Among the new walks, there is Il sentiero del Ponale. I do recommend this one it has a lovely view all of it’s  18km!! (forward and back, of course :-D)

view of the old Ponale road on the left and the end of the lake frm Pregasina

But also very nice is the new walk Malcesine – Malga Fiabio, where you  eat you sandwich when you struggled all the 720mt of difference height to get up there.  It is worth eat, I promise! :-))



Focaccia with fresh herbs

focaccia alle erbette - Focaccia with fresh herbs

You need:
600gr of durum wheat flour
water q.b*
one sachet of baking powder for pizza
fresh herbs from you garden
olive oil (extra virgin)

MIx the baking powder with the flour.
Add water, little at the time until you have a smooth, semi liquid dough.
You can do all this with a wooden spoon.
Add the fresh chopped herbs and pour all in a greasy baking tray.
Bake in hot oven 200°C for 25-30min until sunburned.

I think I used almost 400ml of water.
Don’t  open the oven door while baking, the focaccia will come out completely flat! :-DD

This is my entry to this week’s WHB hosted by dear Terry from Crumpets & co.

I wish to thank  Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen                                                                           and Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                       Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing the  the Italian version of WHB!

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