Parmesan, Almond and Pepper cookies – WHB #326 (en)

Another day, another Sunday. It was such a long time since we went trekking on Monte Baldo, and today..finally we went up there!!

We started late, but on the other hand it is Sunday and we also changed hour so it was no need to hurry. Today we “lost” an hour but we gained in light.

As always, for me it is enough just reaching the top of Costabella, when I look over to the other side and see the Garda lake under, I feel happy and (almost) nothing can ruin that happy feeling.

Today also Simoo’s daughter, their dof Chiccio came with us, together with Laura and her dog, Pongo. Here Simoo is explaining where the Rif. Telegrafo is, and how to get there. From under Assenza, from Prada, from the back  Vallone Osanna or from where we stood,  from Costabella, Coal Santo.


If you turned around you could see the blue lake and the little hamlet of Campione.

We almost went to Rif, Telegrafo, but then looking at the sky and the black clouds approaching we decide to go around Cima Costabella on the path CAI n°658 that reaches rif. Chierego from the back.

If you do this path (and I suggest that once you should) you will se the Val Brutta, that means the Ugly valley. This poor valley have a terrible name, and as a matter of fact if you see from under it looks horrible, but from above it is not that bad is it? You can also see the little hamlet of Campedello, once famous and full of life because the road Campiona passed by. This road was the quickest road to get on the other side of the Monte Baldo. Caprino-Malcesine express!  Lower, much lower you can see Ferrara di Monte Baldo, 79 inhabitants, one of the smallest villages in Italy. This village was very very important during the Roman Empire, in Ferrara they worked iron. Ferro- Iron =Ferrara


While we where inside Rif. Chierego drink some hot Cinnamon tea, outside it started to snow! Actually it was a little tough snowstorm.




We weren’t prepared so we just started to go down as quickly as possible. Not trying to laugh, slipper and fall (well as usual Simoo fell :-D). We got down in Valfredda in no time.

And back home our lovely blue glittery lake was waiting for us,  with the little San Vigilio almost invisible in the foggy misty afternoon.

San Vigilio dal mio posto preferito in giardino.

Parmesan, Almond and Pepper cookies
Recipe found on dear Edda’s blog Un déjeuner de Soleil
I did only one little change, I added fresh grinded pepper in the dough. Lovely!!!

Biscottini salati al pepe  - Pepper cookies

You need:
– 80 g of flour
– 60 g of parmesan cheese grated
– 50 g of almond flour
– 50 g of soften butter
– 30 g olive oil
– origan, salt
– a hugh pinch of fresh grinded pepper (Edda used pepper grains as decoration)

Mix the flour with the grated parmesan cheese, almond flour, origan,salt and the freshly grinded pepper.
Add olive oil and the softened butter, work quickly to get a smooth dough.
Wrap the dough in plastic film, put to rest in the fridge
and forget about it.
I did, I completely forgot about the dough for 10days!
No problem at all. 😀
(you can even freeze the dough if you like)
When you decide to you want to make cookies, take the dough out from the fridge and roll it out.
Or as I did, make a roll and cut out thin cookies.
I made a smaller hole in each cookie.
(that is absolutely not necessary :-D)
Let you cookies cool in the fridge on the baking tray for aprox 20min (covered with baking paper)
Bake in oven at 170°C for about 10min, till they are taned.
Conserve in a tin cookie tan (well, IF they get there!)

They are delicious!!!

Biscottini salati al pepe  - Pepper cookies

This is my entry to this week’s WHB hosted by dear Haalo, from
Cook (almost) anything at least once

I wish to thank  Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen                                                                           and Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                       Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing the  the Italian version of WHB!


2 responses to “Parmesan, Almond and Pepper cookies – WHB #326 (en)

  1. I love your savory cookies. Great flavors.

  2. Just perfect for having with tea or espresso after that cold hike. There was a Mount Baldy near where I grew up in Southern California, probably not the correct name though.

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