A Toast for Susan in Black & White – (en)

Today it is the first day of Spring, the Vernal Equinox.

When I see the “cat tails” of our Populus Tremula or European Aspen
falling from the trees I know Spring is behind the corner.

Populus tremula - European Aspen

The European Aspen is also one of my favorite trees, together with
the Red oak, the Mulberry tree and the Olive tree.
We have 4 Aspen growing strong and high, and when the wind blows I can listen to the soft rumor of the leaves moving. This tree is called tremula in Latin because of it’s “trembling” leaves.
It is such a peaceful sound, so relaxing.
For me the Spring is the beginning, I have more energy, more creativity, more desire to do things, many things, a bunch of things.
I look at my Tulips growing bigger and bigger every day, I look at the two Red Oaks non willing to let go of their old leaves even if they have new green sprouts, the Peonia Japonica is the only one happy with the cold winter, she must have loved it…she has 4 big buds! 😀
Almost everything has survived only our two lemon trees and one Hydrangea are not saying anything yet. But in the garden you learn to have patience, and I have a lot of patience. 🙂

So why not share a glass of Prosecco and drink a toast to Susan and the

Osteria Al Pescador b&w

This is my photos for Susan


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