Orange Mousse with dark Chocolate – WHB #323

Finally March!
When I see our Rosemary bloom it really really feels like Spring!

blooming rosemary 7 jan 2012

We did an interesting walk this week, well, we are often on the road (or better on the path!) but Wednesday we did a little longer one.
We started in Garda and ended up in Colà.
All this just to go eat gnocchi at “Pansa’s”
We could have taken the car, but then we would have missed half the fun.
The fun of walking, talking, seeing, photographing and laughing all the way.
Once in a while I stopped everybody to make group photos,

under the tower in Bardolino



because usually I’m the last one, and make photos of backs!



As always, with sun or without, cloudy or under pouring rain..
this is such a beautiful place and I just love it!

view of the lake from Bardolino

Orange Mousse with dark chocolate.
I wanted to do a pudding, but with out eggs, milk or “gelatin leaves”
(this “colla di pesce or fish jelly” is made of pig skin and bovine bones. Fish isn’t anymore used in this composition but the name still remains)
Sofi is vegetarian so I don’t use this anymore, and unfortunately I have finished the agar-agar (kanten)
So, I tried in an other way.

Orange mousse with dark chocolate
Orange mousse with dark chocolate

you need:
300ml of freshly squeezed orange juice
3 tbsp of rice flour (30gr)
5 tbsp of sugar

for the chocolate
5 dry plain cookies
100gr of dark chocolate
100ml of fresh cream

Whisk the juice together with the flour and the sugar in a pot.
Let slowly heat while whisking, until the liquid become dense
In the meanwhile melt the chocolate and add the cream.
Crush roughly the cookies in a bowl.
When the chocolate is melted, add half of the chocolate in the bowl
and mix with the cookies.
Put some chocolate-cookies in the bottom of 4 glasses,
pour slowly over the orange cream.
Let solidify and then add the remaining chocolate.
Let rest in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.
Orange mousse with dark chocolate

I use rice flour because I like the bitter after taste it gives to
sweet preparations, you can use potato starch (the mousse will have a more soft consistence) or maizena (the mousse will have more like a “pudding” texture)

This is my recipe for the WHB this week hosted
by Martissima  from  Viaggiare è un po’ come mangiare.

I wish to thank  Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen                                                                           and Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                       Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing the  the Italian version of WHB!

3 thoughts on “Orange Mousse with dark Chocolate – WHB #323

    1. brii Post author

      Simona, you should see the sky and the lake this morning..they have the some greyscale. It is so beautiful.


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