A photo for Susan – old inherited jugs (en)

The other day I stayed at home.
I needed the rest, but the chores was to be done, so I putted on some good music and started to dust.
When I got to the shelf I keep my old inherited jugs, I stopped and so many memories came to my mind.

Inherited jugs b&w

I remember Nonna Reneè and how she loved to talk on the phone in her last period, my german is not that good but she always spoke slowly making sure I understood. She was a lovely person, always so kind, always so gentle.
She never came visit, but we often went to Villach where she lived.
The suddenly she didn’t want us to come more, she thought herself old and ugly, so we spent hours talking on the phone.

I remember Aunti Tinti, who’s real name was Eva.
She and Uncle Julian didn’t have had children and when my kids where little I was always anxious of their behavior, when we where together.
They had a charming little hotel on the Faaker see, and I spent some summers with my mother-in-law and the children there.
When Erik stayed 2 years in Wien they saw each other very often.

I remember Iris, the last of them to leave us. So many memories
is filling my mind, it would take a book to wright them down.
I still get angry sometimes because we haven’t had enough time
to spend together. And it still feels like something is missing.

Inherited jugs b&w

So I look at those jugs, old used jugs and I think that
I have been fortunate because I have had the pleasure to have known
Nonna Reneè, Tinti and Iris.
So I’m dusting my old jugs with love and care, remembering…

Inherited jugs b&w

This is my photos for Susan

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