Homemade horseradish sauce – WHB #320 (en)

It is snowing again, not much as last Sunday but enough to keep me at home.


So after doing  some (not too much it is Sunday after all ;-D) chores, I thought I would enjoy some relax sitting and just looking out of the window.
relaxing 12. 02. 2012

I adore the light, coming from a country where it is dark more then half part of the year, you learn to appreciate so much the light. I watched little Cipollo play in the snow.

relaxing 12. 02. 2012

And when I turned my head I saw Pablo sleeping in Gokki’s bed, well tucked up! He stayed there most part of the day. 😀

relaxing 12. 02. 2012

I love horseradish very much, and my dear friend
SuperAle has her garden full and now and then tries to dig out plantes that she gives me and that I regularly looses.. I don’t know why they all dies 😦
So, I have to buy the roots! But with the roots what do you do?
Usually I just grate the horseradish over the meat or vegetables, but I wanted to try the make the sauce you buy. You know Meerretichsauce?
That one!
I found this recipe to start with.

Homemade horseradish sauce

Horseradish sauce - salsa al rafano (kren)

Attention! while grating the horseradish it is good to look the other way, the strong perfum makes your eyes cry. Please pay attention between every passage, don’t look down in the blender. As a matter of fact I suggest you work with the window slightly open.

you need:
250gr of fresh horseradish
200ml of apple cider
100ml of vegetable oil, sunflower or olive
juice from I lemon
salt (if you use)

Horseradish sauce - salsa al rafano (kren)

Peel the root, even you buy them already peeled, get the outer yellow layer off. Cut off the hard ends.
Then cut in pieces and put in a blender (also a immersion blender if you are comfortable with it)
Blend for some seconds.
Add 100ml of apple cider and the lemon juice.
Blend a little more.
Add the rest of the cider and blend again.
Now add the oil and blend until you have an almost smooth and fluid sauce. If the horseradish is to dry add some other oil.
Add the salt and taste (be carful it is very spicy)

Pour in clean glasses and keep them in the fridge, they will conserve for 3 months.
The horseradish sauce is very nice together with spare ribs, oven potatoes, cooked meat and stuffed vegetables.
Put before cleaning your blender add an apple: cored, peeled and cut in quoters and blend
then add 200ml of sour cream or low fat yoghurt.
Blend and pour in clean glasses.
This will taste very very much as the Meerretich we where looking for!
It is delicious with a winter salad like radicchio, kale and/or fennel.
If you also add an orange cut into slices in you salad it will perfect! 🙂
In the foto you will see Schmand, I took the wrong cream out of the fridge, if you use the sour cream your sauce will be less fat and more
fresh in taste.

Horseradish sauce - salsa al rafano (kren)

This recipe goes to my dear Friend Astrid from Paulchen’s Foodblog  hosting this week’s Weekend Herbal Blogging. Thank you for hosting. 🙂

I wish to thank  Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen                                                                           and Haalo,Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                       Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing the  the Italian version of WHB!

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