Black & White Wednesday – a tribute to Susan (en)

Some people enters your life silent and without fuss.
Slowly you get to know them, perhaps you share an interest, a hobby and after a while you realize that if you don’t see or read them,
you actually miss them.
I find it more and more difficult to rely on a person,
growing older I have less patience.
So many times I have given my trust and heart and so many times I have found my self with the door slammed in my face.
So many times I have been cheated, told lies to, played.
So many times I have started all over again…
I believe that hard times and sorrows make you grow, make you think, opens your mind.
But most of all you realize what and who is important.

Except my family, I have few real friends that are very important for me, and few virtual friends that are very important too.
Susan is one of these friends.

So, in one of my last morning walks I tried to look around with different eyes, in black & white.
My friends where far ahead of me, but that is not a problem the know that sooner or later I will arrive, the know that sometimes I need to be left alone-
I stopped looking around trying to imagine what Susan would have seen through the same lens.
It is not easy you know, some things looks wonderful in color, but completely flat in b&w.
Today with the first snow I was imagining some nice photos, but I didn’t have the right feeling, I wasn’t in the right mood.
I know it is silly, but if I’m not in the right mood or haven’t the right feeling I’m not able to write, photograph, or cook.

This is what came out of that morning walk.



pier, lake, san vigilio


pier cisano

Empty bench in Garda

Thank you Susan.

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