Liquorice Grappa & Liquorice Liqueur – WHB #316 (en)

Today for the first time I took my youngest daughter trekking with me.
Together with us my friends Simoo, Monica and also Rosie (I’m very happy she came along, she passing a very bad period).
Gokki (daughter n°3) and her boyfriend Giovanni where also part of the group.

We choose a quick short but steep path, Valfredda (the cold valley).
It starts at 1272mt but then it is rather strait up
to the ridge of Costabella 1800mt.
The name of this Valley is perfect, it is always cold.
That’s good in the summer, but in the winter it ices and then
it is almost impossible to use.
Today ir wasn’t bad, you had to be careful (as always in the mountain)
but slowly you reached the top.
The problem was that Sofi had difficulties from the beginning,
she thought and acted as she couldn’t do it.
I was worried, should I insist or should I let go and turn back down again?
I though it was impossible that she wasn’t made of the same stuff as her brothers!
Valfredda - Rif. Chierego 15 jan 2012

So, I insisted by taking her arm and literally dragged her up!

Valfredda - Rif. Chierego 15 jan 2012

But the satisfaction in her eyes when she finally reached the refugee at 1915mt repaid all the sobbing, the mumbling and the sad faces she had made all the way up.

Valfredda - Rif. Chierego 15 jan 2012

Brava Sofi!

Valfredda - Rif. Chierego 15 jan 2012

Of course as always this has nothing to do with the recipe, but to tell you that you sometimes need a lot of patience.
With your kids like with some recipes.

This grappa is resting since August.
Me and my friends where trekking on Pizzocolo
(a mountain across the lake), and while waiting for the ferry
we bought spices from a man who had a stand near the harbor.
With the liquorice he also gave me this recipe.


amazing panorma!

Very easy, but it needs a lot of time to rest.
This is to make the grappa gentle and soft.
You can use any white grappa you have, also a cheap one.

Liquorice Grappa & Liquorice Liqueur

Liquorice Grappa & Liquorice Liqueur

you need
2 liquorice roots
1 bottle of 0.75l of white grappa (38-42%)

For the syrup*:
1l of water
500gr of caster sugar

The procedure is very simple, just put the roots in a bottle and pour over the grappa. Leave in a warm (room temperature) place for 6 months,
the divide the grappa and half of it you leave as it is and the other half you add 250ml of syrup.

Can’t say one is better then the other, I like the very much both!
Try the Grappa ice cold with the coffee after dinner or the Liqueur poured over some vanilla ice

Liquorice Grappa & Liquorice Liqueur

What remains with the sirup you can store in a cool place.
Very comfortable to have at hand,
when making drinks and cocktails for example.

this is my entry for this weeks WHB hosted by
Simona di Simona’s Kitchen
She also hosts the Italian version.

I Wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and       Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once
Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing  the Italian version of WHB!


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