Black & White Wednesday – # 25(en)

Since Susan launched this lovely event, I have changed my way of seeing things.
Now I try to look around me in black & white.
The photos of today didn’t come out as I imagined, but it is mostly because I have still a lot to learn, but also because the people in the kitchen wasn’t to happy having my in the middle of the door photographing.
It was lunch time, and people were pouring in from every where.
Waiters running around and me in the middle of everything with my camera.
Also my friends asked me if there was something wrong with me,
why couldn’t I stay seated!
But I was amazed of the incredible view there was from the kitchen window!
They see the Brenta Group and Paganella, even if you have to imagine all this seeing the photo.
I dedicate these photos to Betty Nicolussi my dear friend and trekking guide colleague,
who today celebrates her 50th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Betty!

Kitchen with mountain view

Kitchen with mountain view

table close to the window

The photos are from her restaurant
“lo Sciatore” – Vason-Monte Bondone – Trento

The 2 first photos were shot in color, and the last one in sepia and converted in black&white
This is my submission to week #25 edition of
Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,
launched by Susan of
The Well-Seasoned Cook.


3 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – # 25(en)

  1. Susan

    Good Heavens! What a killer view! To cook within that vista gives me goosebumps to image. I don’t have a window at all in my kitchen.

    Thanks so much for sharing for BWW, Brii. A real treat!


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