Grape Jam with Ginger, Staranis and Vodka – WHB #315 (en)

Today it’s Christmas Holidays last evening.
From tomorrow all children are going back to school.
It still feels strange that Sofi is not going to school, but working.
I still must get used to this 🙂

Today I putted away all Christmas decorations, now I want some
white colors, green ones, I’m longing for the spring.


Meanwhile thinking what new decorations, I found a green piece of fabric, actually it is a curtain I bought at IKEA.
I draped it around 5 flower pots with white Kalancoes that I places on
the fireplace.


In these days our lake is so beautiful.
You can make a lot of photos,
this is a photo of a sailing boat in front of Sirmione, and behind
you can see the tower of San martino della Battaglia.
Consider that this is on the opposite side of the lake, behind
I used the zoom but without tripod, it is a pity because the photo come out a little shaky. But I love the pastel colors, all natural.

Sailing boat on the lake, tower of San Martino della Battaglia in the back

I rarely use any image editing, there is no use,
the lake is so lovely all by it self.
You can just look and photograph..

view from home 7 jan 2012

Or if you are not in the mood, you can simply sit back and enjoy the beauty in front of you.

afternoon relax in the winter sun 7 jan 2012

Grape Jam with Ginger, Staranis and Vodka

Grape jelly with Ginger, Staranis and Vodka

You need:

3kg of White grapes
1l of water
80gr of fresh ginger cut in slices or
3-4 staranis
2 lemons cut in slices

Put the washed grapes, the slices lemons and ginger or the staranis
in a casserole with high edges.
Pour over the water and cook gently until the grapes are mashed.
Now and the mash the grapes.
I use the potato masher from IKEA.
Put a clean towel in strainer with medium holes and pour the grapes.
Let drain all the night in a cool place, outside if it isn’t to cold
or to hot.

The day after weigh the liquid.
Don’t squeeze the grapes, the juice gets bitter.
My juice weighted 2.450kg

I divided the juice and made to versions;

Grape jelly with Ginger, Staranis and Vodka

1l grape juice
1 sachet of pectin 3:1*
250gr of sugar

Boil for 6-7min (if you use the Thermomix 15min 100° vel.2)
Pour in clean jars, close the lid and let cool upside down

1.450gr of grape juice
vodka as much as you like 🙂
400gr of sugar
1 and a half sachet of pectin 3:1

Boil for 6-7min (if you use the Thermomix 20min 100° vel.2)
Pour in clean jars, close the lid and let cool upside down

Grape jelly with Ginger, Staranis and Vodka


Don’t use both ginger and star anise, the star anise is stronger in taste and will cover the taste of ginger.
If you don’t have time to start from the beginning you can use non-sugared grape juice.

* 3:1 means that for 1kg of juice you need 350gr of sugar.
Using lesser or more sugar makes the jelly less or more solid.
Remember that the jelly is liquid when you pour it in the jars, it gets solid when cooled. Sometimes this takes up until the day after.

This is my entry for the WHB this week hosted by
Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once

I Wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and                                                                                          Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                                                                                                  Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing  the Italian version of WHB!


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