Tenuta Cervi (San Zeno di Montagna) – Le Cà – (Brenzone) (en)

We have started a Christmas tradition 5 years ago.
It all began in October 2006 when I started doing
Nordic walking.
I realized that there where a lot of places around me,
I didn’t even know the existence of.
The first time – Christmas 2006 I took my family to Crero.
Well, that was the place I wanted to go but I didn’t really
remember which way to go, so we lost ourselves in some fields
and had to cross sprigs, climb gates, go through private gardens to get back to the road.
I had to ask for directions and in the end we got there.
Unfortunately, all photos was lost when I burned my pc. 😦
Then we have been to Campo, Cassone, and nowhere last year
because it was raining.
This year I took my family to Le Cà.

When you are in San Zeno di Montagna, drive through the village and when you are in Loc. Laguna pay attention, the way to Tenuta Cervi is on the right (after a little curve). The name of the way is Via Ponte del Diavolo. It is a narrow road going through the woods.
This is so beautiful in the summer, when it is all deep green.
Pay attention if you should meet cars, it is narrow and there is not many places to stop and let other cars pass by.
When you arrive to Tenuta Cervi, please leave your car so other can pass.
The road to Le Cà starts just in head of you.

If you want you can take the step path on your right, it starts where the house ends. This path will take you to the little church of San Bartolomeo in Prada Bassa.
It will take you around 45min to walk up, but it is rather tough.

When you arrive to the Church you will see a crossroad with 3 paths.
chiesa di san bartolomeo

The one on your left is a shortcut down to Le Cà*.
The one on you right (along the wall) takes you to Prada Bassa.
The one on the right side of the church takes you the long way to Le Cà.
If you choose this one, pay attention when you are in the woods
(there should be painted signs on stones and on trees in red/yellow and red/white, like in the photo below)
You will see an old rusty bed, there you should turn left (if you turn right, you get to Prada Alta 1200mt high) – Cà Bòcula
Just follow the path downwards untill you get to a road.
Follow the road left and then you will see signs showing you the way
to Le Cà, just hold to your right going down
(if you go straight ahead you will end up in Tenuta Cervi)**.
You will pass loc. Tombarole where Bortolo lives,
loc. Tombarola
and the road will end in Le Cà.
le cà.
Tenuta Cervi – San Bartolomeo – Le Cà (one way) will take you around 2 hours,
walking without any rush.
If you want to do a light walk then follow the road that starts where you left the car near Tenuta Cervi.
begining the walk
This road is very easy and you have a panoramic view of the lake most of the way.
It will take you around 1 hour to get to Le Cà
(mostly because you will stop all the time admiring the view :-D)
Here from Tenuta Cervi
view of the lake from Tenuta Cervi
this is half way
view of the lake from loc. Serè

Just follow the road until you come to a crossroad, you will pass a beautiful little house on your right.
On your left a shortcut to Le Cà.

On your right the shortcut up to the church San Bartolomeo in Prada Bassa*
Straight ahead is the long way that takes you to Loc. Tombarola and Le Cà from above**

this is Le Cà
le Cà

the view of the lake from Le Cà
view of the lake from Le CÃ

view of the south from Le CÃ

If you wish to see more photos please visit my album on Flickr

*this is the same path.  Church of San Barolomeo- Le Cà

**this is the same road. Loc. Tombarole – Tenuta Cervi

San Zeno di Montagna (Villanova) 606m.sl.m
Tenuta Cervi 700m.sl.m
CHurch of San Bartolomeo 937m.sl.m
Cà Bòcula 808m.sl.m
Le Cà 634m.sl.m


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