Black & White Wednesday – # 23(en)

This is making cookies time.
And even if my beloved Mother-in-law is not with us anymore, my kids
wanted to continue the tradition.
This year it was very nice because also Serena and Fabio, my Austrian nephews managed it to come.
There was a lot of dough made, and with what was left Sofi made some
more cookies the other day.

making cookies 2011

making cookies 2011

making cookies 2011

making cookies 2011

making cookies 2011

This is the 23th week of Black & White Wednesday.
During these weeks I have learned a lot about photos, come to know new bloggers, tried to view my surroundings in a new way, in black & white.
It is not easy, not easy at all.
Objects that looks great in color looses all the beauty in black & white, vice versa an object that looked so boring in color can get
suddenly special if you decolorize.
I wish to thank Susan for this lovely idea, and I wish her and you all
a Merry Christmas.
See you all next in year in Black & White

This is my submission to week #23 edition of

Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,

recently launched by Susan of

The Well-Seasoned Cook.


6 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – # 23(en)

  1. Ale73

    Abituati ai colori delle nostre macchinette a volte ci dimentichiamo quanto intense possano essere delle fotografie in bianco e nero!

    1. brii Post author

      è vero…pensa che non pensavo nemmeno che la Fuji vecchia avesse l’opzione B&W.
      hahahaha che scema!

  2. Simona

    Anch’io ho la formina a cuore 😉 ma non quella ad albero di Natale 😦 pero’ ne ho una carina a gatto 🙂 Di’ a Sofi che mi piacciono molte le sue decorazioni. Chissa’ se trovero’ il tempo di postare anch’io una foto dei miei biscotti. Sono un po’ sotterrata in questo periodo, e in perenne ritardo su tutto. Bacioni!


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