Lettuce Flan with horseradish and Crescenza sauce – WHB #312

Per la ricetta in Italiano, vedere qui

2nd Advent - Andra Advent - 2 Avvento

Today it is 2nd Advent, and the second candle is lit.
My kids where over at my Father-in-laws making Christmas cookies today,
this is a tradition my beloved Mother-in-law started years ago, and Gokki (daughter n°3) thought it would be a nice idea to continue the tradition. This is the second year, and this time also my two Asutrian
Nice and nephew made it coming.
When I got there the house smelled so good, and everybody was busy making, tasting, talking, laughing.
My heart was filled with sorrow and joy, sorrow because Iris wasn’t there to see them and joy to see all grandchildren working together.
But Manfred (he is so sensible and he knows me so well) got the Prosecco out and that make me smile again.
I think it is so important to maintain the old traditions.
Don’t you?

This is an old recipe, but with this time I added some fresh grated
horseradish and instead of using Gorgonzola in the sauce I used Crescenza and it suddenly changed.
It almost seemed a new recipe!

Lettuce Flan with horseradish and Crescenza sauce.

Lettuce Flan with horseradish and  Crescenza sauce

you need:

400gr of Lettuce
2 egg whites
125gr of Crescenza cheese (soft Italian cheese)
1 piece of leek
some extra vergin olive oil
a piece of fresh grated horseradish

For the sauce:
125gr of Crescenza cheese
little milk
roughly grated nuts
some pepper grain to grate together with the nuts.

gently fry the chopped leek in the olive oil.
Add the grated horseradish
Add the cut lettuce
Cook for 5-6min
(don’t add water, be patient the lettuce will realize enough water quickly)
Let cool.
Whisk the egg whites very stiff.
Add the Crescenza to the lettuce, whisk and the add the stiff egg whites whisking gently.
Pour the lettuce cream in small silcone moulds.
Bake in bain-marie (wather bath) in preheated oven at 160°C for
aprox 20-25min. Check with a stick in the middle to see if the flans are cooked.

Wait a little before taking out of the moulds.

For the sauce,
let the Crescenza melt in bain-marie (water bath) add some
milk if needed.
Add half of the nuts in the sauce.

Pour the sauce in a serving plate, and the put the flans.
Season with the rest of the nuts and serve immediately.

Lettuce Flan with horseradish and  Crescenza sauce

This is my entry for this week’s WHB hosted by Rinku from                          Cooking in Westchester 

I Wish to thank Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and                                                                                          Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                                            Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing  the Italian version of WHB!


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