Blooming Friday – Moonlit

It’s been long since I posted in Blooming Friday, but as Katarina from Roses N Stuff is in Rome (enjoy dear! :-D) and the theme this week is Moonlit.
(ah, if you ask your self what moonlit means, it means lit by the moon)
I thought it would be nice to post something.
I live on the Garda Lake, in the North of Italy and enjoy very much making photos both of the lake as the Monte Baldo, standing tall over.

So I looked over my Flickr album and found two nice photos of the moon.
Not having a reflex camera I hope you don’t mind the bad quality and my
shaky hands 🙂

This is the moon shining on the lake one warm August evening last year.

moon 22 jan 2011

And this is early in the morning in February this year.

full moon 19 feb 2011

This is in the late afternoon on MOnte Baldo in December last year.
The moon shines so much stronger in the winter, don’t think?


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9 responses to “Blooming Friday – Moonlit

  1. accantoalcamino

    Okkei 😀

  2. Stunning photos of the moon.

    Have a nive weekend

  3. Wonderful moon. Thanks for you visit my blog. Anita

  4. @Gunilla, Ormbunke. Vad kul att ni kom förbi!
    Tack så mycket!

  5. Really lovely pictures at the moon and from Garda-lake! Have a nice weekend! 🙂 Mia

  6. Ah, Monte Baldo…I’ve been there and I want to return.
    Rome was fantastic! Love it!

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