Black & White Wednesday – # 21 (en)

I was in Sweden more or less 10 days ago.
I stayed just for some hours, as I brought my parents back to Italy.

I could’n buy anything because I found everything closed as I arrived (late hour) and when I left (too early hour). What a pity!

But at 6 o’clock in the airport I found myself in front of a HUGE cappuccino.
I really enjoyed it! 🙂

Cafè Globetrotter - kastrup airport (köpenhamn)

Cafè Globetrotter - kastrup airport (köpenhamn)

Cafè Globetrotter - kastrup airport (köpenhamn)

The photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white.


This is my submission to week #21 edition of

Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,

recently launched by Susan of

The Well-Seasoned Cook.

7 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – # 21 (en)

  1. brii Post author

    Buon giornooo!
    Nom so se si capisce dalla foto ma era enoooorme la tazza!
    La schiuma (4 dita o giù di lì :-DDD) sembrava panna.
    Favoloso…anche nel prezzo…..5.40eu!!!
    buonissima giornata!

  2. Ale73

    si capisce si capisce ihihiihihihhihiihh viziosa :DDDDD
    ps non è che x caso mi raccogli qualche pignina di pino mugo?????

  3. Simona

    Sono d’accordo con Ale “cappuccino forever” ma 5 euro e 40? Va bene che quando ci vuole, ci vuole. Spero che almeno fosse buono 😉

  4. accantoalcamino

    Prima o poi quella foto te la devo mandare, dovrai rinfrescarmi la memoria però 😉

  5. Lynne

    Perfect in black and white! I experienced the same when leaving Rome a few years ago. I had heard the shopping at the airport was fabulous, but we were there at 6am!


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