Prune buns – WHB #311 (en)

Christmas candles

Today is the First Sunday of Advent. Since I can remember there has always been an Advent garland on our table.
When I moved to Italy, Iris my beloved Mother-and-law and Isolde
my (ex) sister-in-law taught me to do them by myself.
Adventskranz - Advents garland - Corona d'Avvento

So every year the night before I prepare our Advents garland and
early next morning I lit the first candle.

Adventskranz - Advents garland - Corona d'Avvento

When the children where little I made them Advents Calendars too,
but I don’t any more (even if they would still appreciate it)

This recipe is an idea from my friend Nicola the Baker.
He has a bakery in Cavaion Panificio Zambiasi.
Nicola took over the Bakery from his father Cesare.
I used to buy bread there, but when I started to bake my own bread
some 12 or so years ago, we lost sight.
Recently we have taken up with each other or better I talk with his wife while he is around biking with my other friends.
Then in the end we sit at the same table, eat and talk about
making bread!

This buns is his idea, I used the recipe of NIlla Bertani, for the buns.

Prune Buns

Prune Buns - Panini alle prugne

You need:

250gr of milk
50gr of vegetable oil, maize if you have
500gr of plain flour*
10gr of sugar
1 egg
3gr dried yeast or 5 gr fresh yeast
stoned prunes
icing sugar to serve

Put the yeast (dry or fresh) in the mix of the two liquids and the sugar, whisk and let rest for 15min
Add the egg whisk and then add the flour.
Work the dough until even and elastic.
Take small pieces of the dough, flatten out and put a prune in the middle.
Put your buns on a greasy baking tray.
Cover and let rise in a cool place over the night.
The next day, brush the buns gently with some milk and sugar.
Bake in oven at 200°C for 10-15min and then lower the heat to
180°C for another 10min. (it depends how big you buns are, mine
were baked in 20min)

Let cool on a grate and season with icing sugar before serving.
Dont ask how long the conserve, we finished them at once. 🙂

Prune Buns - Panini alle prugne

* I used half the amount of plain flour and the other half whole grain flour.
They got harder, with a crusty top but they are very very good just the same.

This is my entry for the WHB #311
We are (already) celebrating 1 year, it has gone fast! 🙂
I wish to thank you all that are posting with me and of cours                               
Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen and                                                                                          Haalo,  Cook (almost) anything at least once                                                                            Without Haalo I wouldn’t even be here doing  the Italian version of WHB!


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