Black & White Wednesday – # 20 (en)

I’m very fortunate, because I have a big family.
1 husband, 1 father-in-law to take care of, 3 of 4 children (you still call them children when they are over 19?)
still living at home, 1 boyfriend living with us and 8 cats.
We have a big house, an even bigger garden but a very very small kitchen!
Lately everybody has agreed that it is too small.
That’s since they see Molly keeping me company while I’m cooking.

Kitchen help :-)

She sits in the kitchen sink paying attention on every move I make.

Kitchen help :-)

It doesn’t  even bother her if I have to open the tap!

Kitchen help :-)

Kitchen help :-)

The photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white.


This is my submission to week #20 edition of

Black and White Wednesday – A Culinary Photography Event,

recently launched by Susan of

The Well-Seasoned Cook.

7 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday – # 20 (en)

  1. brii Post author

    Siiiii è bellissima, mi piace un sacco.
    é troppo bello stare strette strette in cucina.
    ti ricordi la mia cucina Lo, veroooo?

  2. Simona

    Bellissime queste foto Brii. Molly ha l’aria molto simpatica. Vuoi dire che farai lavori per ingrandire la cucina?

    1. brii Post author

      Buon giornoooo
      Siiii, l’idea è quella.
      Il bello è che tutti hanno una loro idea come dovrebbe essere, stiamo discutendo, disegnando, guardando cucine e ridendo..tanto.
      A gennaio si inizia!


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